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Unitrans Advisory Committee


Unitrans Advisory Committee (UAC)

Community Chambers, City Hall

May 17, 2017

5:00 p.m.


Committee Members:             Sheila Allen (Member at Large), Josh Delavai (ASUCD), Michael Gofman (ASUCD), Eric Gudz (BTSSC), Michelle Millet (NRC), Diane Moore (Senior Citizen Commision), Marco Rodriguez (ASUCD), Helen Sutton (Member at Large)


Council Liaison:                     Lucas Frerichs


Staff:                                       Brian Mickelson, Assistant City Engineer, Transportation Manager

                                                Brian Abbanat, Senior Transportation Planner

Anthony Palmere, Unitrans General Manager



5:00 PM          1.         Call to Order & Roll Call

  1. Introductions / Selection of Chair
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Committee and Staff Announcements

5.         Public Communications 


At this time, any member of the public may address the Unitrans Advisory Committee on items within the committee's jurisdiction which are not listed on this agenda. Public comments will be accepted for items listed on the agenda when that matter is considered by the committee.  No formal action may be taken on issues not listed on this agenda. Presentations may be limited depending on time available


General Notes: The times designated for particular agenda items are approximate and are subject to change.  Please be aware that items may be heard earlier depending on the time taken on previous agenda items.


The City does not transcribe its proceedings. Persons who wish to obtain a verbatim record should arrange for attendance by a court reporter or for some other acceptable means of recordation.  Such arrangements will be at the sole expense of the individual requesting the recordation.


Agenda packets are available for review or copying at the Yolo County Library, Davis Branch, 315 East 14th Street. Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities.  By request, alternative agenda document formats are available to persons with disabilities.  To arrange an alternative agenda document format or to arrange aid or services to modify or accommodate persons with a disability to participate in a public meeting, contact the City Clerk by calling 757-5648 (voice) or 757-5666 (TDD).


Regular Calendar


6.         General Manager’s Report and “Unitrans 101” Presentation


7.         Public Hearing: Unitrans Program of Projects for FY 2017 Operating and  Capital Assistance


8.         Public Hearing:  City of Davis/Unitrans – 2017 Title VI Civil Rights Program and Language Assistance Plan


9.         Review of 2016 Service Change Recommendations

a.   Revise O line to start and end at MU terminal with added time in schedule to retain all currently served areas (75 minutes between buses). 

b.   Revise weekend service to run all service to/from MU Terminal.            

c.   Eliminate Silo bus lines on four low-ridership weeks (Dec 12-16, Dec 19-22, Jan 2-6, Mar 27-31), with all service running to MU.

d.   Revise S-line and T-line route and times for later start time at junior highs and to follow the same route.

- S-line and T-line were consolidated to provide two runs from South Davis serving Harper, Holmes, and Davis High in the morning, and two runs in the reverse direction every afternoon to accommodate regular and early dismissal times.   


10.       Recommendations for 2017-18 Schedule (effective August 7, 2017)

a.   Revise O line to restore 1-hour frequency

- Eliminate the loop serving University Mall (served by G, K, and P/Q lines) and service to Silo Terminal/East Hutchison.

- Maintain service to Amtrak, 5th St, Alhambra, Target, 8th St, La Rue, and Dairy Rd (including UCD residence halls and Arboretum).   

b.   Revise K line to eliminate special night service variation which runs only during UCD Finals Week after 8:00pm.  All K-line service would follow the regular route via Russell-Lake-Arlington-Humboldt-Arthur. 

c.   Revise T line to accommodate later start time at Davis Senior High

- Re-route South Davis service from lightly-used segment along Danbury-Montgomery-South Mace to serve higher populations along Lillard-Drummond-Cowell. 

- One run will operate in the morning and afternoon each weekday except on Wednesdays, which will have two runs at different times to accommodate changes in Wednesday bell schedules.  


11.       Adjourn

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