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City Awarded CalRecycle Grant Funds for New Public Recycling Bins

Post Date:January 26, 2017 1:56 p.m.

The City of Davis has been awarded a Department Recycling Program $197,851 grant from the State Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to purchase new recycling bins for downtown Davis, parks, and greenbelts throughout the City.

“Our plan is to carefully evaluate the current bins, their placement and alternative bin types that can help us collect trash and recycling more effectively,” says City Manager Dirk Brazil. “Our goal is to increase recycling and reduce litter from overflowing bins.”

Many of the existing recycling bins lack clear labeling. Some have openings too small to allow items to be placed inside the bins. In areas of the downtown, bins regularly overflow with excess waste. In addition, the current bins in place in the downtown and parks do not meet stormwater regulations. The bins without closing lids fill with rain water. When the water leaks out, it becomes contaminated by the waste from the bins and pollutes the stormwater, which flows to local waterways.

“Our crews spend 5 hours a day, 7 days a week empting bins from Downtown Davis,” says Brazil. “Within hours of the bins being emptied, they are overflowing again.”

Part of this overflow comes from illegal dumping from businesses and residents of the downtown area. At other locations, the sheer volume of waste is too much for the current waste and recycling bins.

“We continue to work with downtown businesses on proper waste disposal,” says Diane Parro, Chief Innovation Officer. “We are also looking into purchasing solar powered compacting bins for high-volume waste areas in the downtown.”

Solar powered bins crush waste as it’s added that bins do not become overflowing. Once full, they send a message to the City letting them know that the waste bin is full.

“Many of the overflowing bins are full of paper cups from cafes and to-go eateries. They fill up the bins quickly and lead to overflow. A compactor can reduce that volume substantially so the bins will not overflow” stated Parro.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Gilbert, Conservation Coordinator, at 530-757-5686 or

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