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City Seeking Volunteers for Broadband Speed Tests and Cost Survey

Post Date:May 26, 2017 2:20 p.m.

The City of Davis, assisted by CCG Consulting, is studying the feasibility of developing a citywide fiber optic network. “Gaining a better understanding of broadband services now being received and the cost is important for this assessment, so we are asking residents and businesses to help us by taking a broadband speed test and participating in a cost survey” says Diane Parro Chief Innovation Officer. “These surveys will provide data on the actual speeds being received from existing broadband service and actual cost of services.”

Parro is working with the Broadband Advisory Task Force overseeing preparation of the feasibility study. The Task Force was created by the City Council in December 2015, as part of a Broadband Plan, to study options for improved broadband access for the City, and to recommend a future course of action. 

“We recognize the substantial economic, environmental, and social benefits universal broadband access can offer our community. Learning more about how we can make this a reality is a strategic step in our ongoing efforts to build a more sustainable future,” Mayor Robb Davis shared, acknowledging fellow City Council champions of this effort. “We encourage you, your neighbors and business colleagues to participate in these surveys and engage in this process.”

To take the Speed Test:
Use the link below. Be sure to use your home or business WiFi If using mobile phones/devices.

To participate in the Cost Survey:
Block out any information that will identify you on a copy of a recent bill that includes broadband, and send it to CCG Consulting (CCG) via one of the two options noted below.  It’s also okay if your bill includes multiple services. CCG will use bills only to gather broadband prices, taxes and fees.

  • Scanning and emailing an electronic copy to
  • Faxing a copy to 941-209-5315

Summaries of survey results will be included in a Citywide Fiber Optic Network Feasibility Study Report, when it is complete and available for public review.

For more information, please contact Diane Parro, Chief Innovation Officer, at or 530-747-5803

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