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Davis Little League Pathway Is Under Construction

Now- Mid-January (weather permitting)

Post Date:December 05, 2017 2:09 p.m.

This construction project will have an impact on people walking and biking. During construction people on bikes and pedestrians, traveling east and west who used the Davis Little League Path will need to change their route.

Route Changes Include:

When leaving Davis High School or North Davis Elementary and traveling eastbound follow the detour signs through Community Park to the intersection of F Street and 14th Street. At F Street and 14th Street, enter into the bike lane and ride until you reach F Street and 11th Street. At F Street and 11th Street, a crossing guard will assist you with crossing F Street. Then travel to H Street and follow the detour signs to the H Street tunnel.

When traveling from Holmes Jr. High and traveling westbound go through the H Street tunnel. Follow the detour signs on H Street headed south towards 11th Street. At 11th Street, continue to F Street where the crossing guard will assist you across the street. Then travel to B Street. At B Street turn north towards 14th Street. There is a crossing guard at B and 14th.

Do not cut-through the apartment parking lots between F Street and H Street.

Do not ride your bike the wrong way on the road.

Thank you in advance for your patience during construction. The City wants to emphasize the importance of placing your safety over convenience and we ask you to not cut through apartment parking lots or ride the wrong way on the road.

Davis Little League Pathway

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