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LED Lighting Retrofit Project

Post Date:February 13, 2018 2:39 p.m.

As you may be aware, PG&E started a street light LED retrofit project recently to convert their approximately 300 High Pressure Sodium lights to LED.  The lights they were converting to are 3000 Kelvin lights, which are slightly higher temperature than the 2700 Kelvin lights the City adopted as our new standard during the 2016-17 retrofit project.  The higher temperature light will be seen as slightly more blue/white in color than the City standard.  After PG&E began this project, some residents expressed concerns over the light temperature.  At the City’s request, PG&E placed the project on hold to allow for further community input.  After conversations with PG&E, they have agreed to supply 2700 Kelvin lights.  The PG&E standard light manufacturer is Cree, whereas the City’s is Leotek.  As a result there will be a slight style difference between the lights.  In addition they do put out more lumens which means they will be slightly brighter, however they will provide the same color temperature of the City standard light.

The specification for the PG&E light and the comparison to the City standard can be seen in the table below.



2700K Lamp


Existing High Pressure Sodium


Luminaire Designation


Input Wattage

Initial Lamp Lumens

Input Wattage

Initial Lamp Lumens

Proposed PG&E Cree LED70






City Leotek Green Cobra Junior




70 Previously replaced

5,800 Previously Replaced

The lead time for ordering these lights is approximately 6 weeks from the time the City confirms it's desire to move forward.  The anticipated time to make a decision to proceed is the end of February, following an update to the Council at their February 20, 2018 meeting.

If you have comments or questions, please contact:
Geoff Pollard   -   Program Manager, Electric Outreach Strategy & Planning      415-535-7045
Learn more about the LED Streetlight Program at

Questions? Email or Brian Mickelson at

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