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Electrical Thermographic Scan Request for Proposals

  • Department:City Manager's Office, Public Works
  • Category:Request For Proposal, Request For Qualification
  • RFP Number:PW-RFP-Fac
  • Start Date:March 20, 2017 8:46 a.m.
  • Close Date:April 14, 2017 3:00 p.m.

City of Davis
Request for Proposals
for an
Electrical Thermographic Scan

Proposal Submittal Deadline:  3:00 p.m. PDT on April 14, 2017

Contact Person:
Glen Stone
Facilities Manager
Public Works Department
1818 Fifth Street
Davis, CA 95616


The City of Davis is requesting quotes from qualified firms to provide professional services to perform an Infrared Thermographic Survey and visual inspection of the electrical distribution systems of specified City buildings and provide a detail report of the findings.


In 2016, the Facilities Management Division of the Public Works Department conducted a Building and Parks Assessment of 56 city-owned buildings of various sizes and uses: office, multi-purpose, community programs, storage, and warehouse totaling approximately 313,200 square feet. The assessment included 31 parks and connecting greenbelts containing community centers, children play apparatus, sport amenities, and restrooms.

The assessment resulted in a recommendation to repair and or replace many of the city’s switchboards, motor control centers (MCC) and distribution panels due to the equipment either being past, or approaching, the end of expected service life.


In general, the firm shall provide the technician(s) and equipment necessary to perform an Infrared Thermographic Survey of the City’s specified building electrical distribution systems (a list of these systems and their location is included in this RFP as Attachment B). 

1.  The firm shall follow safety standards as outlined in the 2015 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E Standard for Electrical Safety and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and will undertake the following tasks:

a. Remove and replace panel covers. 
b.  Conduct a visual inspection of all equipment to note unusual conditions, surface equipment condition, physical conditions, leaks, gauges, and environmental conditions.
c.  Where appropriate, secure loose connections.


The firm shall prepare a report which identifies and prioritizes immediate and future replacement needs and maintenance requirements based on the survey findings. The submitted report will also include all pertinent data to demonstrate the findings (as listed below):

1. Detailing survey results of:

a.  Equipment and criteria used to identify potential issues (NFPA 70B guidelines);  
b.   Equipment photos;
c.   Temperatures;
d.   Color thermograms; and
e.   A narrative highlighting anomalies and recommendations.

2. Recommend a preventative maintenance schedule and associated cost.

3. Provide repair and replacement recommendations and schedules to the attached spreadsheet (Attachment B).

4. Identify additional material needed from the City to complete the listed tasks.


Quotes shall be delivered to the City Clerk’s office on or before 3:00 pm, FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017.

City of Davis, City Clerk’s Office
23 Russell Boulevard, Suite 1
Davis, California 95616
Attn: Electrical Thermographic Scan RFP

Questions may be submitted by email to Glen Stone at gstone@cityofdavis.org until March 31, 2017. Questions submitted after this date will not be answered.  Responses to questions will be published and distributed to applicants.

The City will not pay for any costs incurred in preparation and submission of the proposals, or in anticipation of a contract. The proposal shall use a minimum 12-point font size. Submit one (1) electronic copy (1 USB drive) plus two (2) hard copies.


The proposal shall contain the following sections:

Sections  Contents Restrictions
Cover Letter Transmittal and declaration of conflict(s) of interest  1 sheet maximum
1 Project team description and qualifications  1 sheet maximum 
2 Reference projects  2 sheets maximum 
3 Scope of services  3 sheets maximum 
4 Project schedule  1 sheet maximum (11x17 allowed) 
5 Fee schedule  1 sheet maximum 
6 Resumes  1 sheet maximum 
Separate File  Previous Report Sample  Length as necessary, only one hard copy 
Separate File (Electronic Only)  Summarized comments on standard agreement referenced by page number and section Submit comments only 
Separate File
(Electronic Only) 
Evidence of ability to comply with insurance requirements  Summary of current insurance coverage


Section Content Detail:

Cover Letter: 

Teams/firms submitting proposals in response to this RFP must disclose any actual, apparent, direct or indirect, or potential conflicts of interest that may exist with respect to the firm, management, or employees of the firm or other persons relative to the services to be awarded pursuant to this RFP. If a team/firm has no conflicts of interest, a statement to that effect shall be included in the cover letter

1.  Project Team and Organization Chart

Provide an organization chart, and for each key team member, provide the following:

  • Experience on scanning projects of similar scope
  • Qualifications of technician(s) - Must meet qualifications as defined by the National Electric Code (NEC)
  • The person identified as the project manager who will be the responsible point of contact between the City of Davis and your firm
  • Role and responsibilities for this project
  • Home office location

If sub-consultants will be used, provide names, qualifications, experience, location, and role of each sub-consultant.

2. Reference Projects

Contact names and phone numbers for at least three different references for whom you have performed projects of similar scope (preferably public sector) over the last five (5) years. Please include a brief description of the services provided; and the duration of the respective projects.

3. Scope of Services

This section shall present a specific Scope of Services for this Study as described in the Study Description of this RFP.

This section shall present the proposed work and the consultant's specific tasks for performing the work. This section should convey the consultant's understanding of the work, and demonstrate specialty experience, management, and other features that lead to successful project completion.

Include a list of deliverables.

Include a list of what will be required from the City to complete the work (equipment or staffing).

4. Project Schedule

Proposed schedule of the work plan (Gantt Chart); 11x17 page is acceptable.

5. Fee Schedule

Schedule of hourly billing rates for all individuals who will be involved in this project, and a list of tasks including the estimated hours to complete.

6. Resumes

Provide brief resumes for project team members.

7. Comments on Standard Agreement

City’s Standard Agreement is attached to this RFP as Attachment A.

The acceptability of the terms and conditions for the City Standard Agreement for Services.  Any proposed deviations and modifications to the agreement should be noted, with reasons given. 
The City reserves the right to reject the proposer’s recommended changes.

Evidence of ability to comply with insurance requirements

The Proposer shall provide a summary of the firm's current insurance coverage for comprehensive, general liability, professional liability, automotive liability and worker's compensation insurance.  Indicate the limits of coverage on each policy.  City required endorsements and minimum coverage limits must be provided at time of agreement execution.

The response to the RFQ should be concise and shall not exceed five (5) double-sided 8.5x11 pages, excluding the sample report, the comment on the contract and insurance requirements, and the project work plan, which may be presented in 11x17 if necessary.


March 20, 2017  Issue RFP. 
March 31, 2017   Deadline for questions and clarification inquiries. 
April 5, 2017   Deadline for responding to questions. 
April 14, 2017   RFQ Submittals due at 23 Russell Blvd, City Clerk’s office. 
April 21, 2017  Evaluate quotes and reference checks. 
April 24, 2017   Select successful firm.  
May 12, 2017   Notice to Proceed. 


Completion of survey and report submittal will be based on negotiated schedule.

NOTE: Testing should comply with 2013 NFPA 70B, “Infrared surveys should be performed during periods of maximum possible loading but not less than 40 percent of rated load of the electrical equipment being inspected. The circuit-loading characteristics should be included as part of the documentation provided in”


The City reserves the right to make the selection based on its sole discretion.  The quotes will be evaluated based upon:

Criteria Points Possible 
Quality and completeness of submittal   10
Proposer’s experience performing projects of similar scope   30
Project quote   20
Qualifications of technicians(s)   25
Quality of sample report   10
References feedback   5
Total points   100

After review of the proposals, the successful firm will be notified via email and after negotiation of final scope and signature of agreement a Notice to Proceed will be provided.


A sample of the City’s Professional Services Agreement is provided as Attachment A.  If the proposer desires to take exception to any part of the Agreement, Proposer shall clearly identify proposed changes to the Agreement and furnish the reason for these changes.  Proposed agreement changes will require City Attorney approval.  The City will not consider changes to the agreement once the selection process has been completed.  The exceptions will be taken into consideration in evaluating the proposals.  Otherwise, Proposer is to state in writing in the proposal that the Agreement is acceptable to Proposer.


The Proposer shall provide a summary of the firm's current insurance coverage for comprehensive, general liability, professional liability, automotive liability and worker's compensation insurance.  Indicate the limits of coverage on each policy.  City required endorsements and minimum coverage limits must be provided at time of agreement execution (see Attachment A).


The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.  The City reserves the right to award a contract to the firm(s) that the City feels best meets the requirements of the RFQ process.  The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals prior to execution of the Agreement, with no penalty to the City.


All requests, questions or other communications regarding this RFP shall be made in writing to the City via email or U.S. Mail.  Address all communications to Glen Stone, Facilities Manager. To ensure that written requests are received and answered in a timely manner, email correspondence is preferred:

Glen Stone
Facilities Manager
City of Davis – Public Works
1818 5th St.
Davis, CA  95616


A full version of the Request for Proposals, including Attachment A: The City of Davis Standard Agreement for Professional Services and Attachment B: Electrical IR Scan Building and Parks Information, is available for download as a PDF: Electrical Themographic Scan Request for Proposals

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