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Request for Proposals for Banking Services

  • Department:City Manager's Office, Finance
  • Category:Request For Proposal, Request For Qualification, Notice Inviting Bids
  • RFP Number:2017-04-06
  • Start Date:April 06, 2017 3:32 p.m.
  • Close Date:May 19, 2017 3:00 p.m.

UPDATED - Responses to submitted questions regarding this RFP are available (at the bottom of this page).

The City of Davis is a California General Law city incorporated in 1917 and operates under the Council/Manager form of government. The City provides services to its citizens in the areas of public safety; community planning and development; water, waste water and sanitation utilities; transportation, recreation, cultural and social assistance. In addition, the City Council of the City of Davis exercises oversight control over the following legally separate entities: The Successor Agency of the City of Davis, City of Davis Public Facilities Financing Authority, Mello-Roos Community Facilities Districts 1991-2 2007-2 and Davis is a member of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency JPA. City staff, therefore, provide financial and treasury management for the resources of these organizations.

The City currently maintains three accounts and conducts it banking business with the local branch of a major national bank. The City has had a long-term relationship with this bank, however has determined that it is time to solicit proposals from interested financial institutions to ensure that the City receives best available services to meet its needs.

The City is seeking proposals from qualified financial institutions to provide a proposal for banking services.

The Proposer is expected to provide all the materials and services that will fulfill or exceed the requirements and conditions as set forth in this RFP (complete RFP document available for download at the bottom of this page).

Inquiries and questions concerning the contract terms and conditions contained within this Request for Proposal must be received in writing by 5:00 p.m. on April 14, 2017:

  • Pamela Day, Financial Services Manager, at, or
  • City of Davis
    Pamela Day, Financial Services Manager
    23 Russell Blvd.
    Davis, CA 95616

To ensure that written requests are received and answered in a timely manner, email correspondence is acceptable, but other forms of delivery, such as postal and courier services can also be used. Proposers shall not contact other City personnel with any questions or clarifications concerning this RFP.

Answers to questions received will be posted online at no later than April 18, 2017.

It is the proposer’s responsibility to ensure that they access and review any questions as answers posted. The City is not responsible to notify individual potential bidders of the availability of questions and answers beyond this notice. Contact with City personnel other than above regarding this request for proposals may be grounds for elimination for the selection process.

The City may post Addendums to the RFP online at the City’s website ( It is the potential proposer’s responsibility to access any addendums and ensure that stated requirements are met.

Proposals are to be properly identified on the outside of the package and are due by 3:00 p.m. local time on May 19, 2017 and shall be delivered in a sealed package(s) to:

  • City of Davis
    Pamela Day, Financial Services Manager
    23 Russell Blvd.
    Davis, CA 95616

For more information, please download the Complete Request for Proposals for Banking Services (PDF).

View the Responses to Submitted Questions (PDF) regarding the RFP (posted April 20, 2017).

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