Innovation Center Processing Schedule and Next Steps as of July 2015. Note: This document is superseded by the IC Milestones document at Innovation Centers Milestone Schedule & Background

October - December 2014 – Staff and the Innovation Center applicants are finalizing the applications and beginning the necessary technical and other studies, including economics and market absorption. Staff is coordinating with LAFCO regarding annexation to ensure that the needs of that agency are fully addressed during the City’s application review process. Annexation will require the negotiation of a Tax Sharing Agreement with the County – staff has started this dialog and is in the process of engaging a consultant to undertake the necessary fiscal impact analysis to support the discussions. Staff is also developing a community outreach strategy to ensure community education, engagement, and involvement throughout the process.

January - May 2015 – Review of technical studies to be incorporated in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

Early August 2015 – The Draft EIR for each of the applications is targeted for release in August 2015. At that time the City will also release the various technical and other analyses described above. Public workshops and other community outreach will be held and comments will be solicited on the Draft EIRs and the merits of the projects. City commissions will be asked to comment on the proposals. Information generated through the analysis and outreach process will be used to work cooperatively with the applicants to refine and improve the proposals. Development Agreements and County Tax Sharing Agreement will be drafted.

Late October 2015 – The City will prepare and release responses to the comments received on the Draft EIRs during the period described above. City staff will complete an analysis of the merits of the project factoring information gleaned from the EIR, technical reports, community outreach, applicant input, General Plan policy consistency analysis, and Guiding Principles consistency analysis. More public outreach will occur during this period.

November 2015 - February 2016 – The projects will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council for formal action. If approved, staff will undertake the steps necessary to place the proposals before the voters as part of a Measure J/R vote.

Project(s) could be placed on a ballot for action by the voters as soon as June of 2016, but no earlier.