Community Choice Energy Advisory Committee

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The purpose of the Ad Hoc Community Choice Energy Advisory Committee (CCEAC) is to assist City staff in accelerating the analysis and development of recommendations related to Community Choice Energy (CCE) for Davis.

The CCEAC will, as directed by the City Council, and under the general coordination of the City Sustainability Manager:

  1. Work on defined objectives, within the defined time frame, to produce materials that will assist the City in determining the advantages and disadvantages of joining an existing CCE or forming a new CCE for Davis.
  2. In coordination with the City’s Natural Resource Commission, plan, organize, and conduct at least one public workshop to solicit community input on implementing a CCE in Davis, including inviting appropriate speakers or others to make presentations at this forum(s).
  3. Identify and interview persons with specific expertise in the implementation of CCE’s.
  4. Identify potential public education materials that would be helpful in informing the Davis community about CCE’s.
  5. Identify potential partners and partnerships, which the City may wish to pursue in implementing a CCE.
  6. Research CCE’s in other locations, develop detailed descriptions of these programs, and provide written reports to City staff.
  7. Author a report, in coordination with City staff, to the City Council with its findings and recommendations.

City Council Liaison

Lucas Frerichs (Regular), Robb Davis (Alternate)

Staff Liaison

Mitch Sears, Sustainability Programs Manager, (530) 747-5888

Regular Meeting Time & Place

Regular Meeting Time - To Be Determined. Please see the posted agenda for next meeting date and time. Meetings held in the City Hall Conference Room at City Hall, located at 23 Russell Boulevard.

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