Social Services Commission Non-Event Fundraiser

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We shoot; we score donations for local non-profit social services! 

What’s this about?  We think it’s a clever way for the Davis citizens to get involved in helping to support and save local non-profit programs that provide vital services to the community, addressing some of the following needs:

  • Services for Families and Individuals Who are Homeless or At-Risk of Homelessness- 131 individuals and families in Davis are homeless (sheltered & unsheltered) based on the January 2015 count.  Over 1,000 individuals were served last year through local non-profit services for homeless and extremely low income households.
  • Domestic Violence Response Services- Local non-profit services assisting Davis residents who were victims of domestic violence with counseling, advocacy and shelter.
  • Free or Reduced Cost Food Distribution Services- Each year approximately 8,000 to 10,000 Davis residents are provided free and reduced food services from local non-profit organizations.

How are we helping to address these needs? By having a pretend basketball game between the City Council and the Davis High Blue Devils.  Why not?!  It’s all about having a little fun while doing something worthwhile.  But as fun as it sounds, the message behind it is very serious.  Our community is facing financial burdens that are difficult and painful to solve.

This non-event is easy – have fun with it!  If you choose the $200 donation you get loads of pretend perks: free parking, seats in the front row from the court, four cups of beer and four hot dogs for you to share with your friends and family.
Sounds like a great time at a pretend basketball game!

But please remember, while we're having fun pretending to attend the event, we do need you to donate in a real way.  Remember, you don't have to dress up; you don't have to drive anywhere and spend money on gas; you don't have to stay out late and lose sleep; and you don't have to hire a babysitter!  All you need to do is have fun with our non-event fundraiser and donate.

Any funds received by the City through this fundraiser will be used to increase funding amounts available to applicants of CDBG public service funds each spring. Past and present recipients of this funding include:

 •  Center for Families
 •  Citizens Who Care
 •  CommuniCare Health Centers
 •  Davis Bridge Educational Foundation
 •  Davis Community Meals
 •  Empower Yolo (formerly the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center)
 •  FARM Davis
 •  Inclusive Recreation (City of Davis)
 •  Northern California Children's Therapy Center
 •  People Resources (Elderly Nutrition)
 •  Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC)
 •  Yolo Adult Day Health Center
 •  Yolo Community Care Continuum
 •  Yolo County Homeless Coordination
 •  Yolo County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
 •  Yolo County Food Bank
 •  Yolo Family Services Agency

Donate Online: Go to  Click on the words “donate now” and choose your donation amount.  At the drop-down arrow, click on “Davis Recreation & Community Services Program Fund.” In the box on the right, please type in the specific purpose of the donation. To donate for the purpose described here, please type in “Social Services.” All contributions to the fund are tax deductible.

 Yolo Community Foundation                          Sacramento Region Community Foundation
 P.O. Box 1264                                                   955 University Avenue, Suite A
 Woodland, CA 95776                                         Sacramento, CA 95825
For more information or to donate other types of gifts on behalf of the Social Services Commission, please call (530) 757-5602.