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Be a responsible neighbor and tenant

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Follow these tips to be a responsible neighbor and tenant to avoid conflicts with neighbors or legal action:

  • Maintain a clean and sanitary rental home.  Do not damage the home. Never leave debris, furniture or vehicles on front lawns.  Citations can be given for overgrown weeds, visible debris and/or abandoned vehicles in public view.  City's visual blight ordinance (municipal code

  • Help keep Davis beautiful by putting waste where it belongs.  The city recycles and has a compost program

  • If applicable, bring trash cans in from the curb after trash pick up.  Trash is collected weekly.  The city of Davis contracts with Davis Waste Removal.  Go to to find your trash day.

  • Pay your rent on time. If you cannot pay when the rent is due, contact your landlord to explain the situation, and give a date when you can pay.

  • Inform the property manager when anything needs to be repaired. It is best to hand-deliver a request in writing with a witness, or send it by certified mail. (Remember to keep a copy for yourself.) Keep accurate, organized records of all requests and transactions between you and your landlord.

  • Obey the laws of your neighborhood and apartment complex. Every neighborhood is different. Make sure you understand any rules set by a homeowner's association in your area.

  • Get to know your neighbors. Understand that neighbors who are not college students may not be on a student schedule.

  • Notify your neighbors if you plan to have a gathering. They may respond better if you have built a relationship and given them notice.  Avoid hosting social functions that may cause problems with neighbors and always comply with the City's noise ordinance (municipal code 24.05.010)

  • Noise ordinance - it is a violation for any person to willfully make any noise which unreasonably disturbs the peace and quiet of any neighborhood.  Violations are enforced by the Davis Police Department.  Violators receive either a warning or citation.  If the property is a rental, the violation and citations will be transmitted to the tenant.  Fines for noise violations are: $100 for first citation, $200 for second citation, and $500 for the third and subsequent citations.

  • Familiarize yourself with, and follow, the smoking control ordinance (municipal code 34) and the open container ordinance (municipal code 26.04)

  • Do not engage in, or allow, any illegal activity.


California Tenants Rights and Responsibilities (PDF)