Cannery Marketplace - Mixed-Use Commercial District

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The Cannery Marketplace Project consisting of 170,950 square feet of mixed-use retail, office, and residential uses (36 units) was approved by the City in 2016. The project site consists of a 6.4-acre parcel on the West Side and 8.7-acre parcel on the East Side.  In October 2017, the developer submitted a planning application for revisions to the approved project. The project revisions were scheduled to be considered by the City Council on March 20, 2018, but was removed in order to allow the applicant to explore options in response to neighborhood concerns about the project. The City Council hearing on the project will be publicly noticed when it is rescheduled.

2018 Revisions (for West Side only)
Market Center RenderingSite Plan - West Side Only (March 2018)
Revised Utility Plan C1.1
Revised Utility Plan C1.2
Plaza Location Exhibit with Renderings

Revised Site Plan February 2018
Revised Site Plan with Bldg C Alt. Feb 2018
Project Description (October 2017)
Site Plan October 2017)

EIR Addendum - January 2018
EIR Addendum - Appendix

2016 Approved Project (for East Side only)
Project Description  
Color Site Plan
Site Plan 
Site Details 
Building Elevations 
Conceptual Landscape Plan 
Preliminary Civil Drawings 
Building Renderings 
Building Materials 

Market Center Perspective