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Latest Newsletter: September 2011


Climate Change and the City of Davis

In 1999, Davis joined a small group of cities calling for local action and a national policy on climate change. In 2006, the city joined the US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement that called for local and national action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). In a clear action in spring 2007, the Davis City Council unanimously adopted a strategy to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions. Copies of the city council resolutions related to these actions are found on the city actions web page.

Based on this council strategy, the city has joined the Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) program along with hundreds of other communities across the globe to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the local level. The program is designed to educate and empower local governments to take action on climate change. The CCP is a performance-oriented campaign that offers a framework for local governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve livability within their municipalities. The framework includes the following 5 steps:

  1. Conduct a baseline emissions inventory and forecast.
  2. Adopt an emissions reduction target for the forecast year.
  3. Develop a Local Action Plan.
  4. Implement policies and measures.
  5. Monitor and verify results.

The city has completed the first three steps and is in the process of implementing the last two.

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