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Fire FAQs

  • Fire Operations

    • What is the work schedule for firefighters?

      Davis firefighters are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  There are three shifts, each shift is for 24 hours. The shifts begin at 8 in the morning.
    • Do on-shift firefighters pay for their own food in local stores and restaurants, or does the city pay for their meals?

      Each firefighter pays for his or her own food. 
    • When responding to a call in the "middle of the night", do the firefighters have to sound the fire engine sirens even though traffic is probably light?

      Yes. State vehicle code mandates that while responding Code Three, an emergency response vehicle must have all emergency lights on and the siren sounding. A Code Three response is initiated when life, property or the environment is in immediate jeopardy (ie. bleeding, breathing problems, fire, etc.).

  • Fire Prevention

    • When submitting plans what is required?

      3 sets of plans, cut sheets, and calculations are required.

    • Where should I submit a fire plan for an address outside of the city limits, but within Yolo County

      Site, building and tenant improvement project plans for addresses outside city limits, but in Yolo County, should be submitted directly to the Davis Fire Department. Plans can either be mailed to City of Davis Fire Department, Prevention Bureau, 23 Russell Blvd, Davis, CA 95616 or be dropped off at the Community Development counter at  City Hall, 23 Russell Blvd. These plan review services will be billed hourly.
    • How long does a plan review take?

      The current turn-around time for a plan review is approximately 15 working days.
  • Fire Public Education

    • Where should smoke detectors be placed in my home?

      Smoke detectors should be placed in each bedroom (sleeping area) and in the hallway leading to the bedrooms. Residential smoke detectors are early warning devices to wake a sleeping person or persons.

    • Should I put a smoke alarm in my garage?

      No, dust, fumes, and changes in temperature and humidity in a garage can cause smoke alarms to erroneously activate.