Fee Schedule


Effective July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017

Construction Plan Review


Construction Plan Review (plan review and final inspection)

             25% of Building  Plan Check fee

Fire Protection Systems Plan Review/Inspection



Sprinkler Systems
(Contact Fire Prevention Bureau for definition of a system) (plan review, hydrostatic test, rough-in & final inspection) (may include underground, only new systems)

0–200 sprinkler heads $622.00

201+ sprinkler heads $800.00
Sprinklers – Remodel (10 or less)
(plan review & inspection)

Residential Fire Sprinklers
(plan review, rough-in & final inspection)
New  $396.00



Sprinkler/Hydrant Fire Main/Underground
(Inspection, hydrostatic test and flush test)

Sprinkler Water Flow Data Collection
(Water flow test and collection of data)


Kitchen Hood System/Special Systems
(plan review & 1 inspection)


Fire Alarm System
(plan review, rough-in inspection and final inspection)


Fire Code Permits


Fireworks Display - public
(correspondence and 2 inspections)

Open Flame Use
(one inspection)


Flammable or Combustible Liquid Tank removal, underground (plan review and 1 inspection)

Removal $355.00

Installation $355.00
Tent Structure/Temporary Membrane Structures, erect or operate
(plan review and 1 inspection)


Model Rocket Use (waived for academic groups) (correspondence and 1 inspection)


General Inspections

Fire Inspection - Less than 10K Sq Ft  $125.00
First Inspection - Greater than 10K Sq Ft


Second Inspection  $149.00
Third Inspection, If Corrections Made  $149.00
Third Inspection, If Corrections Not Made


 Subsequent Inspection w/ Fire Marshal


Other Inspections

Fire Safety Inspection (inspection of occupancies regulated by social services and health services - one inspection) $178.00
Special Review/Additional Inspection - per incident (used at the discretion of the Fire Marshal for situations not covered above $178.00

Other Services

Photographs  Cost + 20% Admin
Weed Abatement  Cost + 20% Admin