Yard Refuse Violations and Hazards-Dispose of your green waste properly

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The Davis Police Department receives numerous complaints each year regarding yard waste piles obstructing bike lanes, a situation that can be hazardous to cyclists. In response to this issue, the Police Department's Code Enforcement Officer and Police Volunteers have begun a green waste campaign to educate the community about the proper disposal of green waste.

City Code regulations state:

  • Yard waste shall be placed or maintained in piles immediately adjacent to the property from which it originated and must not restrict reasonable use of the gutters, bike paths, or bike lanes.

  • Yard waste shall not be placed or maintained in such a way as to restrict reasonable access to a fire hydrant, driveway, public sidewalk, or any other public facility.

  • Only leaves, tree and shrub pruning’s (maximum branch diameter of eight inches) and grass clippings may be placed in the street. All other yard waste, including sod, garden rubble, and dropped fruit shall be placed in regular trash bins.

  • Yard waste left in the street cannot exceed five feet in width or five feet in height or five feet in length.

  • Small quantities of yard refuse constituting less than one-sixth cubic meter in volume, equivalent to less than one thirty-two gallon garbage can, shall be placed in regular trash bins and cannot be left in the street.

Be aware that yard material piles can create serious hazards for cyclists. Yard waste can cause a cyclist to crash by slipping or getting branches stuck in their wheel spokes, especially in the absence of street lighting. BIKE LANES SHOULD NEVER BE BLOCKED.

Do not park or drive over yard materials; these piles get strewn over bike lanes and roadways causing a variety of hazards.

Please place yard material piles on the street the day before pickup. This reduces the number of days the piles pose a hazard to bicyclists and also limits the amount of debris movement across the street during windy weather conditions.

Violating the yard refuse City Code can result in fines. If you have further questions about the ordinance, please contact Code Enforcement at 530-747-5446.