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Parking Permits



**VISITOR PLACARDS: We will continue to issue visitor placards for those who do not want to use the automated system that will be coming online at the end of January 2017. Although the visitor placards have an expiration date, they will be good until the renewal period next year (August 31, 2017)***

The new Virtual Parking Permit System will be focused on Residential and Commuter Permits that currently use a "sticker" permit that is tied to a license plate. We will be transferring the information you provided on your application, including your license plate, into the new system when it comes online. There is no additional cost to you when we do this. An email will be generated prior to the changeover asking you to create a login for the new system.

We will be doing our part in making the transition as smooth as possible.

More information will be released over the next few months. If you have further questions please email or call 530-747-5444.

**Parking Permits on sale now**

Parking permits for 2016-2017 are ON SALE NOW  At the front desk of the Davis Police Department, 2600 Fifth Street, Davis, CA 95618, Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm and every other Friday. For questions email or call 530-747-5444.

Parking permit applications are available below.

New Permit Prices for 2016-2017

Residential Stickers: $15.25 Each              Visitor Placards: $15.25 Each

Commuter Permits: (Prorated Monthly)

Applying for Residential and Visitor Parking Permits

Homeowners may apply in person or by mail:

  • Complete a Residential Parking Permit Application
  • Driver's License (not needed for mail-in applicants)
  • Current DMV registration for each vehicle (copy for mail-in applications).

    Renters must apply in person:

  • Complete a Residential Parking Permit Application
  • Show driver's license
  • Provide current DMV registration for each vehicle
  • Provide current lease/rental agreement
  • Utility bill (for month to month lease agreements)

    Click here for Parking Permit Application Residential

    Applying for Commuter Parking Permits

    Applicants may apply in person or mail:

  • Complete a Commuter Parking Permit Application
  • Show driver's license (if in person)
  • Proof of employment, including but not limited to: paycheck stub, employee ID, letter from business owner on letterhead.

    Pricing for 2016-2017 Commuter Permits (pro-rated monthly)

    September: $120

    October: $110

    November: $100

    December: $ 90

    January: $80

    February: $70

    March: $60

    April: $50

    May: $ 40

    June: $30

    July: $20

    August: $10

    Click here for Parking Permit Application Commuter

    Parking Maps and Other Parking Information

    Note: The parking structure located on 4th street next to the railroad tracks is privately owned and any parking citations issued at that location are serviced by Central Parking Services: (916) 441-1074.