Biking with Confidence

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Going over the ABCs of biking

Biking with Confidence

Biking with Confidence is a new bike education class offered by the City of Davis. Pump up your bike skills and confidence: Whether your riding is rusty or you are proficient on your pedals, this class will teach you how to ride your bike in traffic, the rules of the road, and tips to become a more predictable rider.

This course is a combination of classroom and on-street instruction. Participants age 12 and older must bring a bike in good working condition, a helmet and water. Sign up at through Parks and Community Services. Dates are April 8th, May 6th, June 12th, July 11th, August 17th, September 17th, and October 15th . The cost is $19.

Private Bike Education Classes

Are you interested in private bike education classes geared to your needs?  We can help!  Please contact Joshua Endow-Monteiro, the City of Davis Bike Education Coordinator at  We can modify the class to meet your time and budget constraints.  

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