Polar Pedal

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Riding to School in February

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Our Mission

Our mission is to teach the connection to the student’s daily actions and the environment. Polar Pedal empowers students to help Polar Bears and create positive change in the environment by walking and biking to school.

Program Description

 A cool new program called Polar Pedal will be happening all February long! Join us in our POLAR PEDAL and for the entire month of February if you bike or walk to school you earn points toward adopting a Polar Bear for your school. DJUSD elementary schools will work together on a goal to adopt 20 polar bears through Polar Bear International. For every 500 trips to school Davis Students complete a polar bear will be adopted! Our target is 10,000 trips for the month of February!  To participate you must scan in!  Don’t have a scan tag yet??? Register here:  http://active4.me/ .

 Did you know the only way to save polar bear habitat is to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions? One way you can help is by riding your bike. The link to polar bears is direct, because most vehicles burn fossil fuels, which create CO2. And the more CO2 in the atmosphere, the warmer the Earth will be. You can help by biking and speaking up for a bike-friendly community.