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The City of Davis Recycling Program is responsible for recycling outreach to 64,000 residents within the city. The City has an exclusive franchise waste agreement with a local private hauler, Davis Waste Removal (DWR). DWR collects trash, recyclables, yard materials, and performs street sweeping within the city limits. The Davis Recycling Program encourages the 5 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot and Rebuy.

Scheduling or pick-up questions: Davis Waste Removal (DWR) 530.756.4646    

Solid waste, recycling, composting, other questions: City of Davis Public Works Department 530.757.5686

Billing information: City of Davis Finance Department 530.757.5651

Monthly solid waste rates: Current Rates, Notice of rate increase: Commercial and Multi-Family Residential rates, Notice of rate increase: Single-Family Residential rates


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