Beverage Straw Ordinance

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strawThe City of Davis continues to work towards its zero waste goal by diverting as much waste as possible from the landfill via waste reduction, recycling and composting. At their April 25 meeting, the Davis City Council expressed an interest in a new ordinance that would reduce the number of single-use beverage straws that are distributed to customers.

While currently accepted for recycling by Davis Waste Removal, single-use beverage straws are often given by default in restaurants with all beverage selections.  These straws may not be wanted by all customers. This ordinance would increase awareness in our community of the simple decisions we can all make to reduce waste and allow customers to make the choice of whether or not they want a straw for their beverage.

In order to further reduce waste, the City Council is tentatively scheduled to consider an ordinance to eliminate unwanted beverage straws at their regular meeting on May 23, 2017.

Key points from the proposed ordinance include the following:

  • Sit-down restaurants in Davis will be required to ask dine-in customers if they want a beverage straw before providing one.
  • This proposed ordinance applies to any restaurant that provides food or drink for dine-in customers for consumption on its premises.
  • This proposed ordinance does not apply to take-out food orders at any restaurant, fast-food establishment, café, deli, etc. that provides food or drink for consumption off its premises.

Draft Beverage Straw Ordinance

Letter to affected restaurants