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Utensils (forks, knives, spoons)

General Recycling Information

Metal utensils can be recycled with scrap metal at Davis Waste Removal and the Yolo County Central Landfill.

Plastic disposable utensils can be placed in your recycling cart or dropped off for free recycling at Davis Waste Removal.

Bio-degradable or compostable “plastic” containers(cups, plates, utensils, etc. made of corn, potato or other material that is designed to be compostable or biodegradable) can be placed in the organics cart.

Recycling Options

Davis Waste Removal Recycling Center
2727 2nd Street
Davis CA 95616

FREE recycling drop-off 24/7:cardboard, paper, rigid plastics,glass,steel and aluminum cans,scrap metal,tin foil,used motor oil and used oil filters.

The CRV Redemption Center at Davis Waste Removal is open Monday-Friday 9:30am - 2:00pm and Saturday 8:00am - 4:00pm. Properly labeled and containerized sharps waste is accepted for safe disposal from Davis residents at the DWR CRV redemption center during buyback hours.

Green Zone Recycling
225 Industrial Way Ste. C

automobile parts, bed frames, bicycles, cameras (video and still), cardboard, cellular phones, computer monitors, copper pipe, file cabinets, irons, machinery and tools with electric motors, magazines, metal (all kinds), metal furniture, plastic bags, pots and pans, satellite dishes (metal), steel paint cans (empty and dry), stereos, TVs, tools, utensils (forks, knives, spoons), vacuum cleaners, VCRs, video and still cameras, video game machines (PS, XBOX, etc.), water heaters

Yolo County Central Landfill
44090 Co Rd 28H
Woodland, CA 95776

Accepted for FREE recycling: electronics, scrap metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, glass food and beverage containers, household batteries, car batteries, car batteries, aluminum cans, used motor oil and filters, ink/toner cartridges, mercury thermostats, microwaves, paint (latex), metal cans, hydraulic oil, transmission fluid and oil, plastics #1-7, rigid plastics, mattresses

These items are also accepted at the landfill for recycling--fees do apply: toilets, stoves, ovens, freezers, refrigerators, wood, lumber, yard materials, dirt, concrete, gravel, sand, brick, bicycle tires, asphalt, tires, washing machines and dryers.

Every Friday and Saturday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, the landfill accepts household hazardous waste from residents, including: automotive products, fire extinguishers, fluorescent bulbs and tubes, gasoline and other flammables, herbicides, household cleaners, mercury thermometers, mercury thermostats, paint (oil and latex), pesticides, pharmaceuticals (non-controlled), pool chemicals, propane tanks, solvents, syringes (containerized), etc.

Reuse Options

All Things Right and Relevant
2801 Spafford Street

baby clothes, bed linens, blankets, books, bowls, CDs & CD players, clothing, DVDs and DVD players, furniture, home decor, household goods, jewelry, kitchen appliances, linens, microwaves, mirrors, pots and pans, shoes, VHS videos and VCRs, radios, unopened personal care products and utensils. All items must be in great shape. Please call first to see is space is available.

Goodwill Donation Xpress
Two locations in Davis:

2939 Spafford Drive, Suite 110

417 Mace Blvd.

Furniture, clothing and housewares in good condition. Electronics (no large appliances) are also accepted for recycling from CA residents only--ID will be checked.

Goodwill Store
120 Main Street

baby clothes, diapers & supplies, bed frames, linens, bikes, binders, blankets, business supplies, books, bowls, plates, CDs & CD players, clothing, DVDs and DVD players, furniture, kitchen appliances, home decor, household goods, office equipment, oven, VHS videos and VCRs, radios, unopened personal care products, flower pots, eye glasses & eye equipment, washing machine, pots and pans, shoes, utensils

Hidden Treasures Thrift Store
1107 Olive Drive
Davis CA

books, clothes, furniture, toys, household accessories

United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Sacramento

appliances, baby clothes, supplies and diapers, beds, bed frames, bed linens, binders, blankets, blenders, books, bowls, CDs, CD players, cellular phones, clothes, clothes dryers, clothes hangers, coffee makers, coloring books, computer monitors, desks, digital scales, dining chairs, DVDs, DVD players, electric toothbrushes, eyeglasses, file cabinets, flowerpots, food processor, furniture, home decor, hot plate, household goods, ink toner, ipods, irons, jewelry, lamps, linens, microwaves, mirrors, MP3 players, unopened personal care products, picture frames, planting trays, plastic outdoor furniture, plates, pots and pans, printer cartridges, puzzles, radios, rugs, shoes, sofas, space heaters, stereos, suitcases, table linens, tables, telephones, TVs, toasters, tomato/strawberry baskets, toys, utensils, vacuum cleaners, VCRs, video game machines

Yolo County SPCA Thrift Store
920 3rd Street

baby clothes, bed linens, bikes, binders, blankets, blenders, books (children's and fiction), bowls, CDs, children's clothing, clothes, desk, dining chairs, DVD players, DVDs, file cabinets, flowerpots, furniture, home decor, household goods, jewelry, linens, microwave, mirror, picture frame, plates, pots and pans, radios, records, rugs, sheets, shoes, speakers, table, table linens, tapes, toasters, toys, coloring books, utensils, VCRs, VHS

Yolo County Central Landfill
44090 Co Rd 28H
Woodland, CA 95776

The Yolo County Central Landfill accepts reusable furniture, household items and building materials that are clean and in good working condition (“like new”) items for free.All donations are subject to inspection and may be rejected for donation.

Example of acceptable items include:Bicycles, Kids Toys, Outdoor Play Structures, Wagons, Sporting Goods (Exercise Equipment, weights, croquet set, etc.), Lumber (Clean Wood 2”x4”s and 4”x4”s), Doors and Screens, Windows (Double Paned, Vinyl), Flooring (including tile and hardwood), Lighting Fixtures, Lamps and Fans, Electronics, Wood Furniture, Patio Furniture and Umbrella Stands, Office Furniture and Supplies, Bricks and Pavers (no dirt, no sod, no rocks or soil), Cabinetry and Countertops (doors/drawers must be in tact), Books, DVDs, CDs and Vinyl Records, Tools/Hardware (including plumbing fixtures), Lawn and Garden (Flower Pots, Hose Reels, Garden Tools, Wheelbarrows, Lawn mowers, Edgers), Mirrors, Housewares (Dishes, Silverware, Cookware, Picture Frames, knickknacks, etc.)

Unacceptable Donations Include: Mattresses, car seats, clothing, linens, pillows, rugs or used carpets, cloth furniture with rips, stains, tears. The landfill may refuse any donation at their discretion.

Bring reusable items to the scale house at the landfill during normal operating hours. Reusable items will be sent to the Big Blue Recycling Barn Thrift Store at the landfill.

Usable household hazardous waste items (paints, cleaning products and more) are accepted at the household hazardous waste drop-off day for free and will be offered for free reuse at the Reuse Barn.

Yolo Wayfarer Center
207 4th Street

baby clothes, diapers & supplies, mattresses, bed frames, linens, binders, blankets, bowls, plates, clothing, furniture, home decor, household goods, office equipment, oven, washing machine, pots and pans, shoes, utensils