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Production Well Depths and Screen Intervals

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The City measures depth to water at municipal wells sites on a monthly basis.   These measurements are then referenced to mean sea level (zero elevation) to determine the groundwater elevation.  When these measurements are plotted on a chart, a hydrograph is created which shows the fluctuation of groundwater levels throughout the year.  To view the hydrograph for each well, click on the well profile below which shows wells from west (left side of the chart) to east (right side of the chart).

Production Well Dept Chart (PDF)

West to East Profile of Municipal Wells

Feet Well   30 Well 25 Well 20 Well 28 Well    31 Well 27 Well 19 Well 23 Well 11 Well 1 Well 33 Well 7 Well 14 Well 24 Well 15 Well 22 Well 26 Well 32 Well EM3 Well  21
chart y axis feet A-well-30 B-well-25 C-well-20 D-well-28 E-well-31 F-well-27 G-well-19 H-well-23












N-well-24 O-well-15 P-well-22 Q-well-26 R-well-32 S-well-EM3 T-well-21
well depth chart legend