Saving Water Indoors


An average four-person household uses 400 gallons of water per day. That’s enough to flush a low-flow toilet 250 times. Don’t be average. Use these tips to lower your water use.

Fill your bucket up. While you wait for your shower to heat up, place a bucket under the tap to collect the running water. Reuse this water to irrigate outdoor planter beds or to flush your toilet.
Reduce and reuse. Don’t run the tap to water indoor plants. Instead, reuse water from cooking and rinsing fruits or vegetables to irrigate indoors.
In 5 minutes or less. Try to keep your showers to five minutes or less. For added water savings, try turning the tap off while you wash your hair.

More Water Savings Tips for Inside Your Home

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Water Use It Wisely Indoor Tips

Modernizing your appliances can save water!

 Appliance Older models  efficient models  Savings/use 
Clothes Washer  27-40 gallons/load 14 gallons/load  13-26 gallons 
Dishwashers  15-18 gallons/load  7-9 gallons/load  8 gallons 
Faucets/Aerators  3 gallons/minute 1.5 gallons/minute  1.5 gallons 
Showerhead  3 gallons/minute 2 gallons/minute  10 gallons 
Toilets  1.6-5 gallons/flush 0.8-1.28 gallons/flush  0.32-4.2 gallons

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