Boron Notification

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Three of the Davis wells have concentrations of Boron that exceed the notification level of 1000 parts per billion (ppb). These concentrations are 1200 ppb (Well 15); 1100 ppb (Well 22); and 1000 ppb (Well 27).

Groundwater that contains Boron is derived from the leaching of rocks and soils that contain borate or borosilicate minerals. Boron is not a regulated contaminant but is considered a contaminant of concern. The high concentration of Boron in the Davis groundwater may have a detrimental impact on Boron sensitive plants. The babies of some pregnant women who drink water containing Boron is excess of the notification level, 1000 parts per billion (ppb), may have an increased risk of developmental effects, based on studies in laboratory animals.

For more information contact the Davis Public Works Department at 530-757-5686.