Manganese Notification

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Manganese is a common metal found in the environment and is naturally occurring in groundwater. Manganese may be very noticeable in water at levels above the established recommended Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level (SMCL) of 50 ppb (parts per billion). High concentrations of Manganese may turn your water brown or leave black colored deposits on plumbing fixtures.

Some of the City’s wells have naturally occurring Manganese and as these wells deliver water to the distribution system, mineral deposits will build up over time on our main lines and these deposits may become dislodged and enter into the consumer’s service line. Occasionally, a well will exceed the SMCL for Manganese. When this occurs, the well is taken off-line and is used for emergency purposes only.

The City has implemented a flushing program to control this build-up of minerals on the main lines. These lines are flushed annually to scour the walls and remove the mineral deposits and direct these deposits into the storm drains. However, the deposits can randomly become dislodged and end up in the consumer’s home.

In February 2013 the City learned that one of its wells, Well 30, had unusually high levels of Manganese. Typically the concentration of Manganese in this well is in the 30 to 40 parts per billion (ppb) range. However, the level of Manganese was measured at 2400 ppb. The well has been taken off-line and the City is currently testing the source water to determine the reason why the level of Manganese is so high. We will keep you informed as we learn more about this situation.

If you experience any problems with your water supply or have any questions, please contact the Public Works Office at 530.757.5686 during regular business hours or contact the non-emergency police number at 530.757.5400 after hours for assistance.

32 Filters 

Manganese filters at Well 32.