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Social Services Strategic Plan

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Invitation to Participate

Dear Community Member,

We are inviting you to participate in a community process to develop a Social Services Strategic Plan for the City of Davis. This past September, the City Council included the development of a two-year Strategic Plan for Social Services as one of its City-wide objectives. We have been tasked with working with the community to develop a plan for consideration.

As a community member, we are asking you to complete a survey about gaps and priorities and to participate in one of two focus groups to recommend the most important needs. These recommendations will be shared with several of the City's commissions for their input, and then presented to the City Council for review and action. We envision it will take several months to complete the process.

Our goal is to recommend to the City Council three to five critical social service needs the City should work to improve, present a rationale for these choices, and a road map on how to get there. As context for this data-driven plan, we also want to identify the community capacity to meet the needs.

As a first step, we ask that you complete the attached survey, either online, or in the paper format included below, by February 17, 2017. The survey has two components. First, it asks you to prioritize the social service issues facing the residents of Davis and to include your reasons for your selection. Information about the extent of the need and available resources in Davis (including public, non-profit, faith or business communities) to address the issue will be important to the analysis of resource gaps. Second, it has four general questions about the community's current capacity and future opportunities or challenges.

The next step involves your participation at one of two community forums - one held during the day, and the other held in the evening during the month of March. City staff will present an analysis of the information submitted, and you will have the opportunity to discuss the results with other participants. At the end of the discussion, you will vote for those priorities you think are most important. The priorities with the highest votes will be presented to the Senior Citizens Commission, Human Relations Commission, and the Planning Commission for their review and input. As a final step, the Social Services Commission will review all input and recommend a slate of priorities in a Social Services Strategic Plan to the City Council.

Thank you for your willingness to participate.

Social Services Strategic Plan Survey