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Davis Futures Forum

The Housing Crisis…how we got here and next steps toward a fix.

Davis Futures Forum
The Housing Crisis…how we got here and next steps toward a fix.

Wednesday February 7, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
Community Chambers at City Hall, 23 Russell Boulevard, Davis.

Housing is at the top of the agenda as our City updates its long-range general plan, first with the downtown area plan and next year with the housing element. Policies and actions will be incremental but cumulatively will describe the texture of Davis for the next 50 years. We need to accommodate the lifestyles and economics of students, families, new households, millennials, seniors, and empty nesters—while retaining what it good about our community. And of course affordability is at the center of this discussion. Plans need to consider what renters and buyers can afford while taking into account the cost of building in Davis.

The February presenter will be David Garcia, Policy Director at the UC Berkeley Terner Center for housing innovation. He will give us background on the problem of housing affordability and suggest some ways other places have used to address the need for more and more affordable housing. Garcia is recognized as an innovator on housing policy and leads the center’s engagement in local, state and federal housing policy - supporting research-driven policy ideas, proposals, and papers.

David’s presentation will be followed by a panel of local leaders and activists responding to David’s ideas and their relevance to Davis.

The Wednesday February 7 event will be at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Chambers. The last two Davis future forum events almost sold out, so people are wise to guarantee at seat by reserving a free ticket at EventBrite:

Davis Futures Forum is a City/University/Community partnership that brings nationally known speakers to Davis. Our goal is to prime the pump with new ideas about how we can better achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability on a local level. To date, our speakers and topics have included:

  • Joe Minicozzi (Revenue Optimization thru Land Use)
  • Chuck Mahron (Strong Towns for Sustainability)
  • Daniel Parolek (Form Based Code as a tool to sustain community feel)
  • Robert Liberty (Revitalization of Portland OR. thru infill)
  • Dan  Zack  (Revitalizing Downtown Redwood City)
  • Jeff Tumlin (Parking Comedy Show- "Free" Storage of Cars is an Oxymoron)
  • James Corless (Transportation Innovation and Davis' Future)
  • David Garcia (Roots of the Housing Crisis--and solutions) (coming)

Videos of past speakers and articles are available at the Cool Davis Website.

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