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Green Gardening: May the Trees be with You

Trees provide clean air, beauty, wildlife habitats and they reduce energy costs associated with heating and cooling buildings. Join us at a class to learn more about the trees that surround us: how to choose the right trees, how to prune, mulch and water trees, and about the habitats that our urban forest provides to local wildlife.

This class being offered as part of a series of green gardening classes that will be held every Wednesday evening in April. These galactically incredible classes promise to be out of this world! (or at the very least they will be entertaining and instructive).  All classes will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will run 1 – 1 ½ hours. Davis residents that attend a class can enter to win prizes, including reusable shopping bags, waterless car wash kits and worm castings. Register for a class by contacting the Public Works Department at or (530) 757-5686.

Download a flier about the green gardening classes.

green gardeningMore Green Gardening Classes:

April 4: Live Long and Compost

6:30 PM at the Redwood Building, 1001 Anderson Road 
Throwing organic material in the trash is illogical. Composting is logical. Join us for a logic-filled class on backyard composting, worm composting, home-made food digesters and in-ground composting! After attending the class, Davis residents can sign up to receive a starter set of composting worms for $5, and residents in single-family homes can purchase a backyard compost bin for $10.

April 11: Make it Sow!

6:30 PM at the Davis Senior Center Activity Room, 646 A Street
Join us for an engaging green gardening class. Its hour and a half-long mission: to explore environmentally friendly gardening, to seek out methods for retaining rainwater on-site and new ways to manage yard trimmings, to boldly go where no garden has gone before! This class will also cover less-toxic alternatives to pesticides and fertilizers, using  beneficial species to assist in controlling pests, and more!

April 18: To Plant Establishment...and Beyond!

6:30 PM at the Davis Senior Center Activity Room, 646 A Street
Join Ellen Zagory, Director of Public Horticulture for the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden, for a galactically amazing class on water-wise landscaping with native plants. Ellen will explore how to incorporate drought-tolerant California native plants into your landscape and how to irrigate them during establishment and beyond for a cosmically beautiful, long lasting, water-wise landscape.

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