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H Street Pathway and Parking Improvements - Bike/Pedestrian Detours

H Street Pathway and Parking Improvements

The H Street Pathway and Parking Improvements project is a multi-phase Capital Improvement Project that includes: 

PHASE 1 – H Street Pathway and Parking Improvements:

  • Improving safety and visibility for the Covell Blvd. undercrossing bike path
  • Improving bike path constraints on the south side of the Davis Little League (DLL) field between H St. and F St.
  • Street redesign between H St. and F St. pathway and Covell Blvd. underpass

    PHASE 2:

  • Resurfacing of H Street between Eighth Street and Covell Blvd. underpass
  • Safety improvements to H Street Tunnel
  • Resurfacing the bike path between the East side of the H Street bike tunnel and J Street/Drexel Drive


PHASE 1 will result in closures of the H to F Street pathway, on the South side of the Davis Little League fields. The closure is scheduled to begin November 29th and be reopened early to mid-January, weather permitting.

The pathway under Covell Blvd, as well as the parking lot at the Davis little league, is also scheduled to be closed during this project. The parking lot will be open to the public at the end of each working day and on weekends starting at the beginning of March.  The pathway under Covell Blvd is scheduled to be reopened by the beginning of April, 2018, when the project is complete.

 PHASE 2 is currently in design and is tentatively scheduled for construction in the summer of 2018.


Project construction is expected between November 29th – April 2nd

During construction, the H to F Street Pathway (located to the south of the Davis Little League fields) and the pathway under Covell Blvd, on the west side of the RR tracks, will be closed.

The Davis Little League Parking Lot will be closed until the beginning of March as it will be completely reconstructed.

 During the project construction, students, cyclists and pedestrians traveling between H Street and F Street can use 11th Street to safely cross F Street. A temporary crosswalk will be installed at 11th Street and the crossing guard at currently located at the crosswalk between Davis Little League fields and Community Park  (just south of Covell Blvd), will be moved to the temporary crosswalk at 11st street during this construction project in order to help students and other cyclists and pedestrians safely cross the street. Keeping students, cyclists and pedestrians on lower traffic volume streets such as H Street and 11th Street will be a safe alternative for the existing crossing.

 B St and 14th St also has a crossing guard so students can safely cross 14th Street.

 Here is a link to a map for the detour.

The project was advertised in September of 2017. Bid opening was September 28, 2017. Five bids were received and the project was awarded to the low bidder, Abide Builders, Inc.

Questions about this project should be directed to the Project Manager, Melissa Marshall (530) 757-5686.

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