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New Trash and Recycling Bins to be installed Downtown

Post Date:December 15, 2017 3:08 pm

Downtown Davis will get some new trash and recycling bins starting this week as the City of Davis will begin swapping out some of the old concrete trash cans.

As part of a $197,851 grant the City received from the State Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), the old concrete trash bins and the stand-alone metal trash bins will be replaced with new trash and recycling bin systems starting this week.

“This is Phase One of a two-phase project,” says Dale Sumersille, Parks & Community Services Director. “This first phase will install 37 of these trash-recycling bin systems in the downtown core area. After we have tested out the new bins and determine how they are used and the volume they can handle, we will implement Phase two--installing an additional 75 bins in parks and green belts throughout the City.”

The new bins are made from recycled plastic from post-consumer products and feature large posters showing what can be placed in each bin. Each bin has a side for trash and a side for recycling. In areas near outdoor cafes and coffee shops, three-bin systems for trash, recycling and compost will be installed.

Bin installation started December 13, 2017. The removal and installation will be mostly done between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. in order to avoid traffic impacts.

“Our goal is to collect waste more effectively, and to increase the amount of recycling that we were collecting,” stated Sumersille. “We also want to reduce litter from overflowing bins.”

Many of the existing recycling bins lack clear labeling. Some have openings too small to allow items to be placed inside the bins. In some areas of the downtown, bins regularly overflow with excess waste. The current bins in place in the downtown and parks also do not meet stormwater regulations.

“The bins without closing lids fill with rain water,” says Sumersille. “When the water leaks out, it is contaminated by the waste from the bins and pollutes the stormwater, which flows to local waterways.”
Many of the existing bins that are being removed are in poor condition and will be recycled. The ones that are still in good condition will be reused in other parks and greenbelts, replacing the rusted metal drums that are currently serving as waste bins.

For more information, please contact Dale Sumersille, Parks and Community Services Director, at 530-757-5626 or

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