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Street Light Repair List

The City of Davis tracks street lights that are not working and relies on community input to identify any light outages. To report a light that is not working, a citizen can notify the City via Customer Service Center link on the City’s Home Page.  When the City becomes aware of lights that aren’t working, we create a work order to initiate a repair response. Some of the lights are owned and maintained by PG&E.  When a PG&E maintained light is not working, we put in a work order request with PG&E for them to make necessary repairs. PG&E strives to repair lights within 3-4 weeks of notification, though due to system-wide priorities, they can occasionally take longer.  All other street lights are owned and maintained by the City.  The city strives to repair non-functioning lights within 2-3 weeks.

In 2013, the City hired Siemens Corporation to assess City facilities for energy usage and make recommendations about how to reduce our energy demands. As part of this effort, Siemens will be replacing all of our street lights with LED light fixtures. This effort is expected to begin in late January and be completed in March. The City Council has decided to repair non-functioning lights as part of the Siemens effort. The document link below lists all of the currently identified street lights that are not properly working alphabetically by street name. If you know of a street light that is not working and it does not show up on the attached list, please notify us. If it is included on the list, know that we are aware of it and will have it replaced as the first order of work for Siemens later this winter. The City will update the list on a monthly basis as changes occur.

Click here for downloading the updated list of identified Street lights for repair as of 07/31/2018.

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