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Summer is here and so are City Summer Construction Projects

Summer is here and so are City Summer Construction Projects

Summertime in Davis has become synonymous with road repairs and public works projects, and this summer is no exception – 11 major projects are currently under way or due to break ground in the coming months.

The makeover includes repair to roads throughout the city, as well upgrades to utilities, bike paths, sidewalks, water and sewer lines, traffic signals and other projects designed to improve the Davis community.

“We have an amazing quality of life here in Davis that we cannot take for granted,” said Mayor Robb Davis. “That’s why it is important for us to continually invest in modern infrastructure. Potholes and poor roads routinely rank as one of the biggest concerns among the city’s residents, he said. “One of the most critical roles of local government is to make sure homes and businesses enjoy an infrastructure they can count on – whether it’s clean drinking water, smoother streets or safer sidewalks and bike lanes,” said Davis.

The City had Measure I on the June ballot which would have established a Street and Bike Path Maintenance Tax to help fund the needs of the existing transportation infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks, bike lanes and bike paths. Thank you to the majority of voters who supported this measure. However, the measure needed 66% approval and did not pass. If passed, it would have resulted in new funding for additional street and bike path projects in future years. Infrastructure projects take several years to plan, design, fund and build. The projects being constructed this summer are not affected by this measure as they have been in the queue for several years. Future infrastructure projects will need to be reviewed and strategically prioritized by the Davis City Council.

“While the long-term benefits of these projects are undeniable, we recognize that road repairs and construction projects can be a source of temporary inconvenience and frustration,” said Mike Webb, Davis City Manager. “Our goal is to limit the disruption to residents and local businesses by making sure they receive timely and regular information about the projects that may impact them.” Webb further states “The city makes a conscious effort to limit any inconveniences by timing the bulk of the projects for summer when thousands of students are out of town and people are on vacation.

Downtown Davis Projects

The bulk of this summer’s activities center on Davis’ downtown:

Richards Blvd/West Olive Parking Lot
What & Where: The City has completed modifications to the vacant lot at the northwest corner of Richards Blvd and Olive Drive. The City installed a parking lot with 27 regular and 2 disabled-accessible parking spaces. The lot is designated as an X-Preferential Parking Area/Commuter permit, which allows Downtown employees to park unlimited hours 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Parking outside of these days and times is open to the public with free unrestricted parking. X-Permits may be obtained from the Davis Police Department.
Benefits: Encouraging Downtown employees to park in this lot will free up more parking spaces downtown.
Impact: No traffic impacts
Estimated Completion: Completed. The parking lot is open for use.

Third Street Improvements
Road work on Third StreetWhat & Where: Multi-phased project started in 2016 to improve infrastructure in Third Street between A and D Streets including the B Street Alley
Benefits: This will improve safety and enhance use for bikes, pedestrians and vehicles. Streetscape improvements, storm drain upgrades, replacement of the water main, undergrounding of all utilities, new street lighting and a public art project funded by a Grant.
Impact: Third St. is currently completely closed to all traffic between B and A Streets with detours clearly marked with signage.
Estimated Completion: December 2018.

Tim Spencer Alley Reconstruction
What & Where: Major water and sewage upgrades. Tim Spencer Alley is between Second & Third Streets.
Benefits: Improvements to the City’s infrastructure by providing reliable water and sewer facilities to prevent emergency repairs. This construction project will install a new water main and the sanitary sewer pipe will be rehabilitated. The utility work includes trenching, shoring, pipe installation, testing, and backfilling. Sewer and water services will be replaced within the alley boundary. The existing asphalt pavement will be removed and replaced with new concrete surfacing.
Impact: This project will have impacts to traffic and parking in the downtown area. Tim Spencer Alley will be closed for the duration of the project.
Estimated Completion: November 2018.

Second Street Frontage & Centennial Plaza
What & Where: Improvements to south sidewalk on 2nd Street between G and H Streets and the southeast corner of Second and G Streets.
Benefits: New concrete flatwork, ADA ramp installations, relocations of bike racks, landscaping and irrigation, street lighting, and redesigning of the corner to allow for future art work celebrating the City’s Centennial. This project was funded in part by PG&E’s Community Pipeline Safety Initiative.
Impact: Impacts to vehicle and pedestrian traffic and sidewalks will be closed during some work.
Estimated Completion: August 2018.

Beyond Downtown

The downtown area is not the only place that will see major improvements:

Automatic Water Meter Installation
What & Where: Replacement of all city water meters.
Benefits: City’s current water meters have reached the end of their useful life. All residential and commercial water meters will be upgraded to a more modernized water metering system to better manage our water resources, including the ability for residents to monitor their water use in real time, helping to detect water leaks.
Impact: No direct traffic impacts; water will be shut off for short periods upon installation.
Estimated Completion: August 2018 (Project is 65% complete as of June 2018).

Sanitary Sewer Line Rehabilitation
What & Where: Lining the sewer trunk from Covell Blvd. at L St. to County Road 102
Benefits: Improves the flow of sewer in this section and extends the life of the pipe.
Impact: This project will temporarily impact pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle travel along the southern Covell Blvd. bike path between J and L Streets. Detours to Drexel Dr. are planned for pedestrian/bike movements around the work zone.
Estimated Completion: October 2018.

L Street Improvements
Road work on L StreetWhat & Where: Improvements to water, sewer and traffic infrastructure on L Street from North of 5th St. to Covell Blvd.
Benefits: Striping, ADA ramps, pavement rehabilitation, improved bicycle access, replacement of the aging water main and sewer, and improved public safety at the intersection of L St. and Covell Blvd. with a new signal.
Impact: This project will temporarily impact pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle travel, including detours along L St. from Fifth St. to Covell Boulevard and the intersection at Covell Blvd.
Estimated Completion: November 2018.

Mace Boulevard Corridor
What & Where: Traffic improvements. Mace Blvd. and Mace/Cowell intersection.
Benefits: Public safety. Resurface and restripe Mace Boulevard. Improve Mace /Covell intersection for bikes and pedestrians. Install buffered protected cycle track on the east side and buffered bike lane on the west side.
Impact: This project will have impacts to all forms of traffic, including detours along Mace Blvd. from Cowell Blvd. to Montgomery Ave.
Estimated Completion: November 2018.

Cannery/ Covell Bike & Pedestrian Undercrossing
What & Where:A new multi-use path from the Cannery development, under Covell Blvd.
Benefits: A new connection from the existing path to the south side of Covell Blvd. and reconstruction of the path to meet current ADA standards. Paths along F Street to Covell Blvd. will also be repaved.
Impact: Street lanes and bicycle paths will have temporary closures for safety.
Estimated Completion: December 2018.

Traffic Signal Upgrades
What & Where: Three intersections will receive upgraded signals, Russell and College, Sycamore and Covell, and Russell and Anderson
Benefits: Public safety and better traffic flow on major arteries through Davis.
Impact: This project temporarily impacts traffic when signals are de-energized for the upgrades.
Estimated Completion: December 2018.

Veterans’ Memorial Center Rehabilitation and Modernization
What & Where: Renovations to community facility
Benefits: New lighting, new finishes on floors, walls and ceilings, new LED TVs in several rooms, accessibility upgrades to the restrooms and upgrades to the HVAC system.
Impact: The Center is closed during construction but the theater is open and is the venue for the summer’s Davis Shakespeare Festival.
Estimated Completion: November 2018.

Davis Streets: Tips for Residents

Numerous street and infrastructure projects starting this summer promise many long-term benefits for the Davis Community – from repaved roads and safer bike lanes to improved water/sewage services and new traffic signals. But because of their magnitude, these projects will likely involve some temporary disruption to residents.

  1. Inform Yourself
    Being aware of projects throughout the city will help you know what is going on and why. It also will help you know what areas you may want to avoid. Here are some ways to stay in the loop:
  2. Plan
    Because you are informed about the projects, you are in a much better position to navigate around street closures and areas of heavy traffic congestion.
  3. Give Yourself More Time
    Just because a street is closed, won’t mean you can’t get where you want to go, but it may take you longer to reach your destination. Try to build in extra time to allow for detours and delays.
  4. It’s Not Forever
    All of these projects have start and end dates. Remind yourself that any inconvenience is only temporary, yet the benefits will last for years to come and ultimately make your life more convenient.
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