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New Tool Now Available for Customers to Manage Water Use

Post Date:September 13, 2018 12:20 pm

As part of the City’s recent Water Meter Upgrade Project, the City is now launching the new AquaHawk customer water use portal. Water customers may sign-up for AquaHawk to view hourly water usage information and to set water usage alerts. If you had previously been registered for the WaterSmart portal, you will need a new registration to access the AquaHawk portal.

After registering and providing up-to-date contact information, customers can request to receive a text message, e-mail, or phone call alert if their water consumption indicates continuous flow or abnormal usage. The ability to set usage alerts is one of the primary benefits of the water use portal. Setting alerts to be notified of continuous water usage over a 24-hour time period or less is recommended.

A water customer, the account holder who receives the monthly utility bill from the City of Davis, can choose to provide access to others (tenants, landscapers, etc.) to view the water usage for the account. Each user may set-up his/her own login with AquaHawk but will need permission from the account owner and the account information to complete the registration process.

AquaHawk has a mobile version of the web portal that enables customers to monitor water use in their homes even when traveling. Consumption, rainfall, and temperature data are displayed on graphs to help customers use water most efficiently.

The AquaHawk customer water use portal provides water use data on individual accounts to validated and registered water customers. The water use portal is not connected to the individual water meters, and cannot turn on or off water service, or retain information other than the residential water use data. In addition, the water use portal does not communicate with other meters or appliances.

Visit for instructions on how to register and set usage alerts in the portal.

For more information, please contact Dawn Calciano, Conservation Coordinator, at 530-757-5686 or

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