Home to one of the nation’s preeminent research institutions, numerous home-grown and global R&D businesses, a vibrant Downtown, highly skilled workforce and commitment to sustainability, the City of Davis is uniquely positioned to create an economic environment that attracts and fosters 21st Century businesses.  These high tech, high growth companies can provide the community a diverse economic base as well as a sustainable revenue stream and job opportunities that will maintain the excellent quality of life.   Beginning in 2010, the City implemented a multi-year strategic plan to leverage the City’s unique position into creating an “innovation ecosystem”; a community of physical, economic, and network assets developing and sustaining the creation of new ideas.

Home Page Quote rev 5-04The City of Davis’s Dispersed Innovation Strategy is a citywide approach to maximizing use of the city’s land and building supply.  The strategy includes redevelopment of underused sites, a Downtown/University Mixed-Use Innovation District - Nishi Gateway, and possible peripheral innovation centers to support growing and new “innovation” businesses. 

Based on established City Council goals, the City has received two planning applications for innovation centers – the Mace Ranch Innovation Center at the City’s eastern edge and the Davis Innovation Center at the City’s western edge. In May of 2015 the developer placed this application on hold. Innovation centers will provide space for new and local innovation businesses to grow.  The City is also involved in a collaborative planning process with UC Davis, Yolo County, and private property owners to develop a new mixed-use innovation district encompassing Downtown, a portion of the UC Davis campus, and the undeveloped Nishi parcel adjacent to UC Davis.  A mixed-use innovation district will expand the downtown experience, provide higher density urban housing, and allow opportunities for businesses, residents, and students to interact.  These applications are all in the planning process; require Environmental Impact Reports, and eventually a public vote to annex the sites into the city limits.   

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