Innovation Centers Milestones

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Innovation Centers Milestone Schedule

The schedule below illustrates the concurrent timelines for the Mace Ranch Innovation Center (MRIC) and the Nishi Gateway Innovation District (Nishi Gateway) projects.

 Mace Ranch Innovation Center


Nishi Gateway
Innovation District


Nov. 2012

Nov. 13: City Council approves Resolution 12-174 supporting a Dispersed Innovation Strategy

        Blue Arrow REV L
Nov. 2012

Nov. 27: City Council approves
Nishi Gateway Pre-Development Agreement

        Blue Arrow REV L
Oct. 1: City Council approved
Nishi Gateway Planning Goals
        Blue Arrow REV L Feb.

Feb 11: Nishi Gateway Presentation
to City Council

Feb 28: City submits application to Strategic Growth Council for sustainability studies of the Nishi Gateway Innovation District

May 21: City issues Request for Expressions of Interest for developing one or more innovation centers. May 2014
Blue Arrow REV R
        Blue Arrow REV L  Summer 2014 Summer 2014: Public workshops and interactive on-line tool
Sep. 25: The Mace Ranch Innovation Center (MRIC) application was accepted.
Sep. 2014 Blue Arrow REV R    Blue Arrow REV L



Oct. 6: The Nishi Gateway
Innovation District application
was accepted.

Oct. 16: Public comment opportunity at Recreation and Park Commission

Dec. 2014

Dec. 16: City Council approves use of Guiding Principles.

        Blue Arrow REV L  Jan.
Jan. 26: Public Comment Opportunity on Sustainability Imprelementation Plan at the Natural Resources Commission Presentation
Aug. 13: MRIC Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was released for public comment.

Aug. 2015

Blue Arrow REV R 







Comment opportunities on MRIC DEIR at the following commission meetings:

Aug. 17: Open Space and Habitat Commission

Sep. 9: Planning Commission

Sep. 10: Bicycle, Transportation, Street Safety Commission

Sep. 14: Finance and Budget Commission - F&BC will review the Economic and
Fiscal Impact Analysis of Proposed Innovation Centers report as well. 

Sep. 14: Open Space and Habitat Commission

Aug. to Nov. 2015 

Blue Arrow REV R



Blue Arrow REV L


Sep. 10: Nishi Gateway Draft Environmental Impact
Report (DEIR) and Sustainability Implementation Plan
 was released for
public comment.

Sep. 14: Finance and Budget Commission - F&BC will review the Economic and 
Fiscal Impact Analysis of Proposed Innovation Centers report.

Sep. 2015

Sep. 15: City Council Review of Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis of Proposed Innovation Centers Report

City Council Meeting - Video


Comment opportunities on
Nishi Gateway Sustainability Implementation Plan at
 the following commission

Sep. 28: Natural Resources Commission

Sep. 17: Recreation and Park Commission

Sep. 28: Natural Resources Commission

Oct. 26: Natural Resources Commission

Oct 28Planning Commission review of MRIC DEIR 


Nov. 12: Public Comment Period Extension Ends on DEIR

      Blue Arrow REV L

Oct. to Nov. 2015

Oct. 14: Planning Commission on DEIR Agenda & Presentation 

Oct. 15: Recreation and Parks Commission

Oct. 26: Public Comment Period Ends on DEIR

Oct. 27: Bicycle, Transportation, and Street Safety Commission

Comment opportunities on
Nishi Gateway application at
the following commission

Nov. 2: Open Space and Habitat Commission

Nov. 16: Social Services

Nov. 17: City Council direction on Nishi Application Process Timing

Nov. 30: Natural Resources Commission

Dec. 15: City Council update about the Mace Ranch Innovation Center - Agenda 

Dec. 17: Sustainability Plan released.

Dec. 2015  Blue Arrow REV R    Blue Arrow REV L  Dec. 2015 

Dec. 11: Revised Sustainability Implementation Plan was released.

Dec. 16: Planning Commission Workshop on Nishi - Agenda - More Info

            Dec. 16: Nishi Gateway Final Environmental Impact Report
(FEIR) was released
Jan. 14: MRIC Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) to be released.

Jan. 2016

Blue Arrow REV R    

City Hearings:

Jan. 25: Natural Resources Commission

Feb. 1: Open Space & Habitat Commission

Feb. 8: Finance & Budget Commission

Feb. 11: Bicycle, Transportation, & Street Safety Commission

Feb. 18: Recreation & Park Commission

Feb. 23: City Council - Report Back on Mixed Use Alternative

Mar. 7: Open Space & Habitat Commission

Mar. 9: Planning Commission Design Workshop

Staff Presentation

Applicant Presentation

- Revised Site Plan as presented to PC 3/9/2016


Mar. 28: Natural Resources Commission

April 11: Finance & Budget Commission (continued item)

Apr. 27: Planning Commission Hearing #1 (Overview of project; public comment)

May 11: Planning Commission Hearing #2 (Recommendation)

May 17: City Council Meeting #1

May 24: City Council Meeting #2

Feb. to May 2016

Blue Arrow REV R

  Blue Arrow REV L Jan. to Feb.

Jan. 6: Planning Commission Public Hearing on Nishi - Staff Report & Executive Summary of the Economic & Fiscal Impact Analysis

Jan. 11: Finance and Budget Commission Discussion on Innovation Centers

Jan. 12: City Council Public Workshop

Jan. 19: City Council Public Hearing - Staff Report

Feb. 2City Council Continued Discussion - Staff Report

Feb. 16: City Council Action - Staff Report

Final Approval Documents

June 14: City Council Meeting #3

June 28: City Council Meeting #4

      Blue Arrow REV L

Jun. 7: Municipal Election
Measure R Vote
Jul. 25: County deadline for Council action for November vote Jul. 2016 Blue Arrow REV R        

Nov. 8: Municipal Election
Measure R Vote

Nov. 2016

Blue Arrow REV R







How Did We Get Here?lightbulb-02

The City has spent many years working to assess and identify opportunities to strengthen economic development activities. Below is a partial list of relevant reports, studies, and actions. 

2001 - City of Davis updated the land use, housing, and open space elements of the General Plan.

October 2010 – The City released the Business Park Land Strategy to better understand the City’s long-term economic future and provide guidance for future decisions regarding community economic development goals for the 2010 to 2035 timeframe. 

October 2010 – The City Council established the Innovation Park Task Force to explore peripheral sites for future business park development to accommodate medium-scale businesses. The Task Force was created by the Council as an outcome of the 2010 Business Park Land Strategy.  The Task Force was comprised of six members – two Council members, two Planning Commissioners, and two representatives of the Business and Economic Development Commission.  This committee held their last meeting in June 2014.

November 2012 – The City Council adopted the Studio 30 Davis Innovation Center Final Report and approved Resolution No. 12-174 which gave direction to: 1) adopt a new model for evaluating fiscal impacts and economic benefits of new innovation/research development; 2) pursue a “dispersed innovation strategy”; 3) undertake a community engagement process to pursue the recommendations of the Task Force and their report; and 4) proactively partner to promote innovation business growth.

February 2013 – The City Council adopted Resolution No. 13-021 endorsing the Next Economy, Capital Region Prosperity Plan (2013 -2017) and authorizing the City Manager to align City economic development efforts to support implementation.

May 2014 - The City issued a “Request for Expressions of Interest” (RFEI) from parties interested in developing Innovation Centers that would serve the Davis research and technology sectors and create a place for Davis technology companies to continue to grow. The purpose of the RFEI was to gauge market interest and alternative options to be considered by the City and its partner agencies.

July 2014 – The Innovation Office staff reported to the City Council on the results of the RFEI process. Three responses were received and two were invited to submit applications (the subject Mace Ranch Innovation Center proposal and the Davis Innovation Center proposal west of SR 113). The City Council appointed a two-member Council Innovation Center Subcommittee (Rochelle Swanson and Mayor Pro Tem Robb Davis) to provide additional guidance, initial policy direction, and Council updates during the project review process.

On December 16, 2014, the City Council approved the use of Guiding Principles to evaluate the merits of the innovation center applications.