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After a multi-year task force process culminating In 2012, the Davis City Council adopted a Dispersed Innovation Strategy to offer a long term supply of flexible space (scalability) supporting needs of growing and new businesses, enhance the community's emerging innovation sector and diversify the local economy.  The strategy's combined approach was considered to offer the best mix of University proximity and expansion capability for the City.  These include maximizing benefits of the City's existing land and building inventory, creating a close-in Downtown/University mixed use innovation district, and adding new innovation center(s) on larger less constrained city edge sites to meet needs of larger, growing mid-sized companies requiring larger building footprints.

In furtherance of this strategy, later in 2012, the City, UC Davis, Yolo County, and the property owner began a joint planning effort to evaluate development of the Nishi property as a Mixed-Use Innovation District.

Based upon established goals for creating innovation centers, recognizing that Nishi Gateway – even if approved – would not accommodate the needs of larger businesses seeking to locate in Davis, the City issued an Innovation Center Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) in May 2014 and received responses in June 2014.  Subsequently, the City received two planning applications for Innovation Centers: Mace Ranch Innovation Center and Davis Innovation Center. 

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All three applications began the City review process, all require significant analysis, including preparation of Environmental Impacts Reports amongst other studies, and, if approved to move forward by the City Council, would require a public vote. As of May 12, 2015, the Davis Innovation Center application is on hold by the developer.

A brief summary of the three applications is provided below for general reference. The Davis Innovation Center application is currently on hold.  For more information about each project, click on the project title to reach the City's project web page.

Each Innovation Center applicant has developed a project specific website with more information about their proposal:

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The Mace Ranch Innovation Center is proposed on 212 acres located generally at the northeast quadrant of Interstate 80 and Mace Boulevard in Yolo County immediately adjacent to the City limits. This application proposes 2,654,000 square feet of space as follows:

Total Acres 212
Square Footage
Total 2,654,000
R&D/Office/Manufacturing 2,394,000
Retail 100,000
Hotel - 150 rooms & Conference Center 160,000
Green Space 64.6 acres
Residential None

:  Ramos/Oates; Reynolds & Brown
Developer Website

For Questions Contact:
Project Planner at (530) 757-5610 or


Nishi Gateway Innovation District - The City of Davis, in collaboration with UC Davis and Yolo County, is embarking on a community-based planning process for the Downtown University Gateway District, including the Nishi property, West Olive Drive, and the adjacent UC Davis land. The 45-acre Nishi site is a gateway to the District that is proposed to be a walkable/bikeable mixed-use district including university-related research park development complemented by high density urban housing and integrated into the UC Davis campus and Downtown.

Total Acres 46
Square Footage
R&D/Office 325,000
Retail 20,000
Hotel TBD
Green Space 6.5 Acres
Residential 440 Apartments
210 Condominiums

  Nishi Gateway LLC in collaboration with City of Davis & UC Davis
Developer Website:

For Questions Contact:
Katherine Hess, Community Development Administrator at (530) 757-5610 or

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The Davis Innovation Center is proposed on 207 acres located generally within the northwest quadrant of Covell Boulevard and State Route 113, north and west of the Sutter Davis Hospital, in Yolo County immediately adjacent to the City limits. This application proposes 4,000,000 square feet of space as shown as follows:

(As of May 12, 2015, this application is on hold by the developer)

Total Acres 208
Square Footage
Total 4,000,000
R&D/Office/Flex 3,680,000
Retail 120,000
Hotel - 200 Rooms & Conference Center
Green Space 85 acres
Residential None

SKK; Hines
Developer Website:

For Questions Contact:
Project Planner at (530) 757-5610, or