November 6, 2018 - Special Municipal Election

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City of Davis Measure "L"

Shall Resolution 18-094 amending the Davis General Plan to accommodate a senior housing development by changing the land use designation for the West Davis Active Adult Community property from Agriculture and Urban Agriculture Transition Area to Residential Medium Density, Residential High Density, Neighborhood Mixed Use, and Urban Agriculture Transition Area, as set forth in the Resolution and establishing the Baseline Project Features be approved?

Filing Arguments and Rebuttals

  • Last day to submit Arguments in Favor or Against – August 10, 2018
  • Last day to submit Rebuttals – August 20, 2018

Argument and Rebuttal Guidelines and Forms (fillable pdf):

Argument and Rebuttal Submittal Requirements:

  1. Hardcopy submitted must include original signatures.
  2. Electronic copy submitted with printed names. May submit on a thumb drive or email to
    (If there are discrepancies between the hardcopy and electronic versions, the hardcopy with original signatures will be chosen as the default.)
  3. Hardcopy Signature Statement completed by each signer must include original signatures. May submit all signatures on a single form or multiple forms in counterpart.

Additional Rebuttal Requirement:

  1. Hardcopy Authorization for Alternate Author of Rebuttal submitted (if anyone other than the original Argument authors are authoring the Rebuttal).  Must be signed by the person filing the Rebuttal.


Campaign Disclosure Filings

For information on campaign disclosure requirements please visit the Financial Disclosures page. For information on campaign committees and to view completed campaign statement filings please visit the eCampaign public access portal.


Election Documents

Notice of Election for the November 6, 2018 Special Municipal Election and establishing deadlines for written arguments for or against the City measure.

Resolution No. 18-095, Series 2018 - Resolution of the City Council of the City of Davis Calling a Special Municipal Election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 for the Submission to the Qualified Voters a Measure Related to the Development of the West Davis Active Adult Community.

Resolution No. 18-096, Series 2018 - Resolution of the City Council of the City of Davis Requesting the Board of Supervisors of the County of Yolo to Consolidate a Special Municipal Election to Be Held on November 6, 2018, With the Statewide General Election to Be Held on That Date Pursuant to §10403 of the Elections Code.


Additional Election Resources