Mace and Alhambra Office/R&D

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Subdivision and development of the site into three (3) parcels with one (1) building per parcel. Parcel 1 (2.97ac) contains building A (32,220 sf office use), Parcel 2 (1.52ac) contains Building B (16,200 sf) and Parcel 3 (1.51) contains Building C (16,200 sf) for a total of 64,620 sf.

Application materials:

- Narrative

- Site plan, elevations, and design details

- Arborist report

- Traffic letter

- Yolo Habitat Conservancy determination 

The applications were recommended for approval by the Planning Commission on July 11, 2018. The City Council hearing is scheduled for July 31, 2018.

 The Planning Commission agenda packet is posted here . City Council materials will be posted here on or before July 27, 2018.

 As a courtesy to the reader, individual documents and attachments will be posted on this page no later than Monday, July 30, 2018.