Water Base Rate and Meter Retrofit Charges

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For utility bills generated on and after March 2019, the monthly base rate for all accounts with the exception of condominium common area accounts, shall be as follows:
Meter Monthly
Size Base Rate
5/8" or 3/4" $13.07
1 - inch $19.86
1 1/2 - inch $35.57
2 - inch $56.06
3 - inch $103.49
4 - inch $158.65
6 - inch $308.27
8 - inch $486.41
* outside City of Davis city limits = 20% surcharge
* La Buena Vida Homeowners Association - per dwelling unit: meter (base) charges are at 80%, domestic and irrigation meters
For water used beginning January 1, 2019, the monthly water consumption charge for all metered rate customers shall be as follows:

 User Classification                         Unit Charge ( per CCF)

Single-Family Residential               $5.01                                                      
Multi-Family Residential                 $5.07  
Commercial                                    $4.88                                    
Irrigation                                         $6.23                                    

1 acre = 43,560 Square Feet

CCF = hundred cubic feet

 748 Gallons = 1 CCF  
 Rates effective March 2018 with January 2018 consumption  



The City of Davis provides its single-family residential customers a choice to opt-out of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) radio transmission unit on their new water meters.  The AMI Radio Transmission Unit Opt-Out Program is for single-family residential customers who voluntarily choose not to have the data collector/ transmitter installed with their water meter. The program allows customers to have their meter read manually at the end of every month provided the customer pays the added cost of initial manual meter reading set up and monthly meter reading to the City.

If you choose to opt out, the following charges will be added to your monthly water bill: 

  • An initial, one-time setup fee of $92.00; and
  • A meter reading fee of $26.00 per month. 

Details on the AMI Opt-Out Program