Department Manual

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0.00 Index

List of Policies

1.00 Department Administrative Procedures

1.00-C Purpose and Use
1.01-C Manual Responsibility
1.02-A Use of Computer
1.03-C Sworn Personnel Records
1.03- CC Non-Sworn Personnel Records
 1.04-C Off Duty Benefits
1.05-A Extra and Off Duty Employment
1.06-C Authorized Equipment & Uniforms
1.07-A Personnel Complaints
1.07-AA ACR Pilot Program
1.09-B CSO Hiring
1.11-B Timesheets and Vacation
1.12-B Disaster Notification
1.13-B Cal OSHA Notification & Medical Information
1.14-A Transfer of Personnel
1.15-B Shift Selection
1.16-C 10851 Award
1.18-C Access to Records Area
1.19-B Dispatcher Breaks
1.21-A Infectious Disease Exposure
1.23-C Commendations and Awards
1.25-C Personal Communication Device
1.26-A Subpoenas and Court
1.29-A Criminal Offender Record Information
1.30-A Police Media Relations & Information
1.31-A EOC Activation
1.32-A Training
1.33-A Performance Evaluations
1.34-A Language ADA Service Animals
1.36-A Tobacco Use
1.37-A Chief Executive Officer
1.39-A Illness and Injury Protection Program
1.40-A Modified Duty Assignments
1.41-A Recruitment and Selection
1.42-A Social Networking and Employee Speech
1.44-A Trauma and Grief Support
1.46-A Mandated Reporter Requirements
1.48-C Nepotism and Relationships

2.00 Operations Patrol & Investigations

2.00-A Code 3 and Pursuit
2.01-C Motorcycle Operations
2.02-C Department Vehicle Accidents
2.03-C Seatbelts
2.05-C Vehicle Tows & Releases
2.06-B Stolen and Embezzled Vehicles
2.07-A Riders
2.08-C Bike Patrol
2.09-B Mutual Aid
2.10-B Ballistic Vests
2.11-B Use of Radio
2.11-BB Alert Tones
2.12-C Investigations Call-Out
2.13-C Child Abuse & Neglect
2.14-A Domestic Violence Incidents
2.15-A Victim Resources and Confidentiality
2.16-B Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse
2.17-A Megan's Law
2.18-C Hate Crimes
2.19-C Crisis Response and Mental Health Holds
2.20-C Report Writing and Routing
2.21-C Blood Tests
2.22-A Robbery & Burglary Alarms
2.23-A Missing Persons & Runaways
2.24-C Assistance to Motorists
2.25-C Collision Reports
2.26-A Disaster & Shift Minimums
2.27-C Identity Theft
2.28-A Bomb Threats
2.30-A Informants
2.31-A Respiratory Protection
2.32-A Police K-9
2.33-C Safely Surrendered Baby Law
2.35-B Animal Related Calls
2.36-B Plainclothes & Unmarked Vehicles
2.37-B Death Investigation
2.38-A Critical Incident Response
2.39-A SWAT Team & Hostage Negotiations
2.40-A SRO & School Juvenile Issues
2.41-A Automated License Plate Readers
2.42-A Biased-Based Policing
2.43-A Immigration Procedures
2.44-C Investigation Procedures
2.46-A Alerts (Amber Silver Blue Yellow)
2.47-C Undercover Operations
2.48-C Operations Planning
2.49-C Public Recording of Police
2.50-A Homeless Services
2.51-A Temporary Encampments
2.52-B Child & Dependent Adult Safety
2.53-B Beat Response Priorities
2.54-B Code 666
2.55-C Noise Complaints
2.56-C Administration Notification of Unusual Events
2.57-A Foot Pursuits
2.58-A Sexual Assault Response
2.59-A First Amendment Assemblies 

3.00 Arrest, Use of Force & Cites 

3.00-C Peace Office Authority
3.02-A Arrests, PC Pickups, & Booking
3.03-C MIP Arrests
3.04-B Juvenile Procedures
3.05-A Use of Force
3.05-AA Crisis Response De-escalation 
3.05-AAA Use of Force-In Custody Deaths
3.06-A Firearms & Ammunition
3.07-A Firearms Range
3.08-A Firearms Sales
3.09-A CCW Permits
3.11-A Kinetic Munitions & Tear Gas
3.12-A Use of Explosives
3.13-A Conducted Electrical Weapons
3.14-A Handcuffs & Prisoner Transportation
3.15-A Holding Cell & Custodial Searches
3.16-A Detention of Juveniles
3.18-C Mass Arrests
3.19-B Dismissal of Citations
3.20-A Flying While Armed

4.00 Evidence & Property

4.01-A Audio Recordings
4.02-B Property for Safekeeping
4.03-B Release of Property
4.04-B Destruction of Contraband
4.05-B Damage to City Property
4.06-B Photographs & Digital Photography
4.07-B Abandoned Bikes
4.09-C Lost Property Reporting
4.10-A Mobile Video Recording Equipment & Storage
4.11-A Digital Media Evidence
4.12-A Body Worn Camera
4.13-A Release of Video Evidence

5.00 Records

5.01-C Front Lobby Phone
5.02-A MORF and On-Line Crime Reporting
5.03-C Citation Processing
5.05-C Records Release & PRA
5.08-B BOL
5.10-B Fire Call Advisement
5.11-B 911 Calls and Wireless 911 Calls
5.12-B Status Checks
5.14-C TDD
5.15-C Communications Evacuation Plan
5.16-B Alternate 911 Answering Point

6.00 Surveillance Technology Use

6.01-B Care Trak Use Policy
6.02-B Crisis Negotiations Equipment Use Policy
6.03-B EOD Robot Use Policy
6.04-B Cellebrite Use Policy
6.05-B Covert Recording Device Use Policy
6.06-B GeoTime Program Use Policy
6.07-B GPS Tracker Device Use
6.08-B Public Safety Camera Use
6.09-B Trail Camera Use

7.00 Rules & Regulations

Department Rules & Regulations