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Upcoming Events

Polar Pedal

Polar Pedal Logo. Green with polar bears. Text: "Help Polar Bears by Riding Your Bike in February!"

Polar Pedal is a month-long program that encourages students to ride their bikes in February. The more riders, the greater the trips earned toward adopting a polar pedal from Polar Bear International! Using the Active4me scanning program, students who are scanned into campus will contribute to the district-wide goal of adopting as many polar bears as possible! Throughout the month, the city will issue prizes such as charms, stickers, and gloves to those participating in Polar Pedal. 

May is Bike Month


Bike Month is the annual celebration of people who ride bikes, and the awesome bikes we ride.  Each year, the City of Davis and other partners join forces to thank people for riding their bikes and encourage newbies to try bike riding.  Join the celebration, win some prizes, and ride your bike all month long...And all year.  Every month is bike month in Davis! For more information on this month-long event click here.


Loopalooza Logo

Loopalooza is back! The Davis tradition continues May 5th, 2019 with 10-12 activity stations along the infamous Davis Bike Loop. Take your friends, family, and/or neighbors with you on this fun and friendly route Sunday afternoon. Those who complete the entire 12-mile loop receive a special certificate at the end, but most of the stations distribute prizes to all of the riders who pass by. Hope to see you there.


Bike to School Day

Mark your calendars for this year's Bike to School Day coming May 8th, 2019. Children across the district will be riding, scooting, or walking to school in the annual national celebration. Drive carefully and mindfully of these students doing their part for the environment and their health! Children will be rewarded at their respective campuses for participating. There will be ridership competitions, fun prizes, and special performances to welcome riders onto campus!

Safe Routes to School

The next school year is rolling around and we want to make sure you and your friends and family know the safest routes to bike and/or walk to school! Check out our pre-mapped routes here. If you have any questions, call us! We are ready to help.

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Important Phone Numbers

Parks and Community Services Office: (530) 757-5626

Arroyo Pool: (530) 297-5477

Manor Pool: (530) 758-2000

Gymnastics and Dance Center: (530) 757-5627
After 5:00pm, please call 530.747.5879 for the following programs:

Arts & Crafts Camp, Kinder Camp, Summer Quest, Kids in the Kitchen, Rainbow Summer, Voyagers, P.M. Kids Club