Third Street Improvements

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The Third Street Improvements Project represents comprehensive streetscape improvements of the two-block segment of Third Street between A Street and B Street at the western entrance to the Downtown Core. The primary project objectives include improving bicycle and pedestrian safety/access, beautifying the street to create a sense of place, establish a City/UC Davis gateway, upgrading infrastructure to support current and planned mixed use infill, and improving stormwater drainage to reduce localized flooding while employing sustainable stormwater quality management practices.

The Project is a multi-year multi-phased effort that was initially approved for preliminary engineering and corridor planning in the 2006/07 FY. After initial design was largely complete in 2008/09, the project was delayed for a few years due to uncertainty about how to fund the project, in part due to the economic impact of the housing market collapse. In the 2012/13 FY, work moved forward with the initiation of construction to replace the aging existing underground water pipelines (Phase I) and the undergrounding of overhead electric and communication lines (Phases II and III) in conjunction with PG&E, AT&T and other overhead utilities. During this same time the City was successful in obtaining almost $3.3M in Federal STIP grant funds for the corridor improvements.

Before the street improvements can be installed (Phase V), The City will improve the reliability of the infrastructure (Phase IV) to support current and planned mixed use infill, and improve stormwater drainage to reduce localized flooding while employing sustainable stormwater quality management practices in the Downtown. The City has already completed water line replacement and utility undergrounding on Third Street between A and B Streets (Phases I, II and III).

Phase IV of the overall project is the continuation of an existing storm main pipe from just west of the intersection of D Street and Third to A and Third. The pipe size will range from 24 inches to 15 inches in diameter. Additionally, an existing sewer main that is sagging will be replaced from B and Third to A and Third. The existing 6-inch diameter sewer pipe will be replaced with an 8-inch diameter pipe.

Phase V, the installation of the surface improvements will commence soon after Phase IV is complete. Phase V will consist of pavers along the street and sidewalk in a circular pattern, an art piece on the east end, new street lighting, bike racks, and benches. Below, please find some architectural renderings of the project when it is complete.

Construction of Phase IV will begin August 21, 2017, and continue into November. The Contractor will be working from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Sunday through Friday except for holidays and local Davis events as shown below. On Wednesdays, the Contractor will end their work at 4:00 PM to accommodate the Farmers Market on that day. The Contractor for this work is McGuire & Hester who was awarded the project through a competitive bid process.

Holidays and local Davis events:
Sept 4 Labor Day
Oct  International Festival-Central Park
Oct 10 Discover Davis
Oct 31 Halloween

Initially, Third Street will be closed between C & D Streets with no access for cars or bicycles. The Third & D intersection will remain open. Detour signage will be displayed. A “Businesses are Open” sign and “Walk your bike” sign will be displayed for 3rd St. closed areas.

As with most construction, these operations will result in traffic congestion, dust and noise. The City and the Contractor will make every effort to minimize these. This project will cause traffic delays along Third Street and the side streets A through D. Street closures from intersection to intersection will occur during the 12-hour day shifts with car and bike detours. Streets will be open at night. Pedestrians will be able to use the sidewalks throughout the day.

The City is committed to minimizing impacts and keeping you informed about the project. If you have questions or concerns please contact the following personnel:

City Project Manager
Michael Mitchell
City Engineer
Dianna Jensen
Project Construction Manager
Michael Karoly
Project Inspector
Don Black

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