Mace Boulevard Corridor Project, CIP 8257

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Recent Updates:

Mace Blvd Modifications Update – June 18, 2019

Changes coming for Mace/Cowell intersection

The City is moving forward with plans to modify the concrete medians at the Mace/Cowell intersection to better accommodate vehicle turning movements. In order to allow for further future modifications, the contractor will also add temporary water filled barriers in place of raised curbs. This will separate the traffic lanes from bike/pedestrian crossings. Residents will be notified when construction is ready to begin.

Pursuant to City Council direction, staff has been working with outside street design firms to design corridor modifications. City staff will be presenting design concepts at a community meeting on July 10.  Staff will then present the design options to the City Council for consideration and feedback.  The design experts can then move forward with analyzing traffic counts and modeling actual traffic flows for a final design.

Community Meeting

Mace Corridor Update

Wednesday July 10th

6-8:00 pm

Pioneer Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room


Mace Blvd Modifications Update – May 28, 2019

On May 14, City Council adopted a resolution authorizing a multi-way stop at the intersection of Mace Boulevard and San Marino Drive in order to improve safety (due to a lack of sight distance from San Marino Drive).  We had a few rain days, but today (May 28), staff has installed a multi-way stop at this location.

The work included installing stop and stop ahead signs on Mace Boulevard in both the north and southbound directions.  On top of the stop signs, red flashing beacons were also installed for additional awareness. For San Marino Drive, the existing stop sign was replaced with a yield sign, and the stop location was moved out closer to Mace Boulevard, increasing sight distance and awareness for all users. The cycle track in both the north and southbound directions had stop signs and “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” signs placed on them.  The existing “Hawk” signal was placed on permanent flashing red to bring additional awareness to the multi-way stop. 

In regard to other work, which will be completed in the near future, staff is working on completing the design for interim improvements to the intersection of Mace Boulevard and Cowell Boulevard.  These improvements will allow additional room for vehicles to make right turns at the intersection.  When the design is completed, staff will select a contractor to complete the work during the school break this summer. Longer term corridor improvements are being considered by several consultants and options being developed will be brought to a community meeting, probably in early to mid-July. Staff recommendation will be brought to Council at the last July meeting and final design will be completed by a consultant in coordination with City staff after a consultant has been selected.  The City will provide updates as the efforts progress. 


Mace Blvd Modifications Update – May 16, 2019

On May 14, the Davis City Council unanimously voted to authorize installation of a multi-way stop at the intersection of Mace Boulevard and San Marino Drive.  This work will entail moving the stop limit line on San Marino out closer to Mace Boulevard and placing a new stop sign and stop limit line.  The existing stop on San Marino will be converted to a Yield and stop signs will be placed on the bicycle track in both the north and southbound directions.  Stop signs will also be placed in the north and southbound directions on Mace Boulevard at San Marino.  Stop ahead signs will be placed in the north and southbound directions for awareness of the new stop signs.  To add additional safety to the intersection, the “Hawk” signal will be placed in permanent flashing red.  This work will be installed as soon as the weather pattern clears, likely the week of May 20.

City staff has been evaluating turn radii options for the Mace Blvd & Cowell Blvd intersection to better accommodate vehicle-turning movements.  The city will be modifying raised medians that inhibit right-turn movements.  This work will be started after school breaks for summer.

City staff are working with several transportation design firms to develop concepts to facilitate City Council direction including number of lanes, intersection turn movements, landscaping, safety features for bicyclists and pedestrians, and wheelchair-accessible paths of travel.  These concepts will be shared at a community meeting.  The goal is to have the community meeting in July.

Due to unforeseen weather conditions, the vehicle and bicycle traffic counts will now occur May 29-31.


May 3, 2019-Mace Blvd Modifications

On April 23, after receiving public comment and engaging in considerable discussion, the Davis City Council voted to authorize use of unallocated funds from the Mace Blvd project to make design modifications to the corridor to better accommodate joint use of the roadway for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians, and to alleviate immediate concerns with the current design. The City Council also directed staff to hire outside street design firms to design those modifications for council consideration.

Staff is currently identifying design firms and they will begin work as soon as possible.  The design effort will include, but is not limited to, evaluating conversion of the one-lane roads back to two-lanes in both north and south directions on Mace and options for right-hand turn movements.

In the interim, staff was directed to add a 3-way stop at San Marino Dr. & Mace Blvd and adjust the turning radii at Mace Blvd & Cowell Blvd to better accommodate vehicle-turning movements. Vehicle and bicycle traffic counts will take place May 15-17.

Staff has prepared a City Council Resolution to legally allow additional stop signs at San Marino Dr. & Mace Blvd. The Resolution will be on the May 14 City Council consent agenda and the stop signs will be placed at the intersection immediately following the passage of the Resolution. The existing light at this intersection will also be adjusted to continuously flash red. Staff is also working on getting a contractor to adjust the turn radii at Mace Blvd & Cowell Blvd. The goal is to have the work done as soon as a contractor is available. Importantly, further modifications can be made to both these locations should the design firms recommend further adjustments.

As a reminder, we will not hold our originally scheduled update meeting at Davis Fire Station 33 on May 15, as the design team will not have a formal proposal by that time. A meeting will be scheduled once designs are prepared, and before any formal City Council approval of the design options.

Thank you for all the feedback and public participation we have received on this project; we appreciate the continued focus on improving the Mace Blvd corridor.


April 29, 2019-City Council Direction on Mace Blvd Modifications

On April 23, the City Council voted to spend unallocated funds from the Mace Boulevard project on design modifications. The City will establish a street design team, including an outside consultant and city staff, to advise on design revisions for the Mace Corridor to better accommodate vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians.

In the short term, the City will make the following interim changes:

  • Add a 3-way stop at the intersection of San Marino and Mace Blvd
  • Adjust curbs to improve turning radius at Mace & Cowell intersection.

These first steps will occur soon. Future measures will include evaluating conversion of the one-lane roads back to two-lanes in both north and south directions on Mace and options for right-hand turn movements.

The City will continue to communicate progress and construction dates with residents via email and social media. To focus on proceeding with these revisions, we will not hold our originally scheduled update meeting on May 15.

Community Outreach:
The City has hosted three community meetings to discuss the project.  The meeting dates and intent are listed below.

Community Meetings:

  • January 30 and March 28 - This meeting solicited feedback on the traffic issues and provided status updates and next steps from staff.
  • April 11 -This meeting was intended for those who could not attend the March 28 meeting, but also for staff to present the solution options and get feedback from residents.

Information From Community Meetings:

The scope of this project is to resurface Mace Boulevard, from Cowell to Redbud and enhance the movement of non‐motorized transportation along the corridor and between the neighborhoods east and west of Mace Blvd, particularly increasing levels of bicycling to Pioneer Elementary School. The Project Scope includes resurfacing and restriping the entire corridor, reconstructing where needed, improving Mace/Cowell intersection for bicycles and pedestrians (e.g. remove free right turns/extend pedestrian refuge islands, installing bike boxes), installing two‐way protected, buffered cycle track on the east side, reconfiguring lanes from four to two plus turn lanes, installing a buffered bike lane on west side, and installing a HAWK signal control at San Marino.

Project Limits

This project, besides the pavement restoration, was developed to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety and to encourage walking and bicycling in the corridor. This is especially important for school age children. This includes enhanced pedestrian crossings which shorten the crossing distances across Mace Boulevard and the side streets. In addition a pedestrian and bicycle HAWK signal was installed near San Marino to stop vehicles and allow for the crossing of Mace Boulevard. Concrete barrier islands were added to the bike lanes as protection to bicyclists as the raised plastic delineators only provide a visual queue to protect bicyclists, however they do not provide a solid structure to keep motor vehicles from entering the bike lane.

Other features of the intersections, such as the protection islands, were designed with the intent to slow vehicles as they turn corners and to allow for pedestrians to safely wait to cross the intersection. The raised curbs and narrowing of the street were intended to provide a traffic calming effect which further promotes walking and bicycling.

For reference, the pavement condition index for this section of Mace was 66 out of 100 in 2016. The recent pavement survey shows 95 because of the recent full depth reconstruction (FDR). The PCI should go up to 100 with the final overlay that recently took place (but after the survey).

Project Costs and Funding Resources

Funding comes from a Federal Grant ($2,440,180), with the rest from General Fund (20%) and Road Development Impact Fees (20%)

The entire worksheet that goes to Council for approval during the budget cycle is shown herein.

Click here to review the SACOG Grant Proposal.

The design was presented to the BTSSC on April 9, 2015, and July 14, 2016.

The City Council was presented with and approved the description, cost estimate, and budget plan during the annual budget cycle for years 14/15, 15/16, 16/17, and 18/19.

City Council awarded the project at their December 15, 2017 meeting. City Council increased the construction contingency from $238,000 to 700,000 at the October 16, 2018 meeting.

Projects with Federal funding go through an environmental process. At the end the City is granted a preliminary environmental statement (PES). The PES for Mace is included herein.

Click here for Preliminary Environmental Study.

Grant application to the Sacramento Council of Governments (SACOG) was August 5, 2013. The grant was approved by SACOG in December 2018


Bids were opened on November 16, 2017

Council awarded the project on December 5, 2017

City issued the Notice to Proceed for May 14, 2018. However the Contractor took several weeks to work out the phasing of the road rehabilitation.

Staff Report for December 5,2017 Council Meeting


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