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The Stormwater program’s mission is to operate and maintain the City’s storm sewer infrastructure to ensure stormwater is collected and discharged in accordance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations while protecting life and property from flooding. Other specific City programs that operate closely with or are part of the program are the following:

  • Maintain Stormwater Conveyance System
  • Operate and Maintain El Macero Maintenance District Stormwater Pump Station
  • Develop, Implement and Administer Stormwater Quality Management Program
  • Wildlife and Habitat Management
  • Conduct Outreach and Education Regarding Pollution Prevention and Wildlife Habitat Relationships
  • Assist in Federal Flood Insurance Program

Stormwater is the water from precipitation that flows across the ground and pavement when it rains. Stormwater should mostly be rain water, but as it runs off your roof, yard, driveway, and any impervious surface, it can pick up dirt, debris, animal waste, oil, gas, fertilizers, pesticides, and other materials in its path.

Impervious surfaces, such as roads, parking lots and driveways, prevent stormwater from being absorbed into the ground. Instead, stormwater runs off into the storm drain system. Because more stormwater runs off impervious surfaces, developed areas can experience local flooding. The increased quantity of stormwater runoff can also cause stream banks to erode and increase the amount of sediment in waterbodies.

Storm drains lead directly to Davis ponds, creeks and wetlands. Unlike sanitary sewers that direct water to a wastewater treatment facility before being discharged to a local water body, stormwater is discharged untreated. Any pollutant that enters the storm drain system is discharged untreated into the waterbodies we use for swimming, fishing, and providing drinking water, and can have adverse effects on aquatic life and people. Only rain water belongs in a storm drain.

The City of Davis has developed a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) to address stormwater within the City's jurisdiction. The SWMP addresses activities conducted in the City that are potential sources of pollutants in stormwater.
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