Fourteenth Street / Villanova Drive Improvements

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Project BoundaryThe Fourteenth Street / Villanova Drive Improvements project  consists of bikeway and pedestrian facilities and roadway rehabilitation on Villanova Drive and Fourteenth Street between Sycamore Lane and F Street (approximately 1.2 miles).  The project will be divided into two segments.  Segment 1 will be federally funded (design and construction phases) and includes Villanova Drive from Sycamore Lane and Anderson Road (approximately 0.3 miles) and 14th Street from Oak Avenue to F Street (approximately 0.5 miles).  Segment 2 will be locally funded (design and construction phases) and includes Villanova Drive and 14th Street from Anderson Road to Oak Avenue (approximately 0.4 miles).

In June 2015, the City of Davis submitted an application for funding under the SACOG Regional/Local funding program which provides funding for maintenance and improvements projects.  The City was awarded $992,000 for this project on Fourteenth Street from F Street to Oak Avenue and Villanova Drive from Anderson Road to Sycamore Lane. These included designated “High Priority” safety improvements for North Davis Elementary School from the Walk/Bike Audit Report. While the work was originally scoped for road rehabilitation, buffered bike lanes, intersection curb extensions, pedestrian refuge islands, restriping crosswalks, and green bike lane striping, community input will further shape the project.

Project History

The City’s Walk/Bike Audit Report, completed in 2014, included extensive public outreach at all elementary and junior high schools, including North Davis elementary. This input established baseline improvements to the corridor in the City’s grant application. In February 2015, Staff introduced to the Bicycling, Transportation, and Street Safety Commission (BTSSC) for input the basic project framework for submittal of the grant application to the SACOG Regional/Local funding program. In July 2017, after the project was awarded funding by SACOG, Staff again sought input from the BTSSC to discuss the baseline improvements.

The BTSSC had the following comments:

1. Due to the high non-motorized activity levels with adjacent institutional uses on Fourteenth Street and because this corridor is part of a primary east-west bicycling connection across the city (including a key segment of the 13-mile Davis bike loop), this project warranted exploration of more substantive improvements than those originally scoped in grant application in June 2015.

2. The interior segment of Villanova Drive between Anderson Road and Oak Avenue should also be considered for inclusion in the project.

City staff then issued a Request for Proposals and selected Alta Planning + Design to provide engineering services for the project.

Project Area Challenges

Community outreach revealed the corridor - particularly Fourteenth Street between  F Street and Redwood Lane - encounters several challenges that the project aims to address:

SPEEDING - Cars speeding through the corridor.
CONGESTION - Heavy traffic during school start and end times.
CARS IN BIKE LANES - Pick-up/drop-off occurring in the bike lanes.
INTERSECTION SAFETY - Additional controls and direction to improve safety for pedestrian and bicyclists, especially youth.
DRIVEWAY CONFLICTS - Multiple driveways are difficult to navigate safely as a pedestrian or bicyclist.
BUS STOP VISIBILITY - Buses and other vehicles block visibility of pedestrians and bicyclists crossing 14th Street.
TREES AND SHADE - Desire for more shade to improve comfort for pedestrians and bicyclists using the corridor.
PARKING NEEDS - Desire for more school and institution parking.
RE-PURPOSE CENTER LANE  - This space could be used for other purposes.

Project Schedule

Summer 2020: Construction

Late Summer/Early Fall 2019: Community Open House 

Fall 2018 - Winter 2020: Final Design

September 19, 2018: 30% Design Plans
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20180914_18-051_14th Villanova 30 Percent Layouts_1

July 26, 2018: Bicycling, Transportation, and Street Safety Commission Design Concepts Review

June 26, 2018: Design Concepts Open House

  • Time: 3 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Location: Mary L. Stephens Davis Library, Children's Activity Room (315 E. Fourteenth Street)



April 24,  2018: Stakeholder Interviews / Focus Group Discussions

For more information, contact:

Brian Abbanat
Senior Transportation Planner
Public Works Department
530-757-5686 x7301