Wastewater Rate Study

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In June 2015, the city of Davis contracted with the consultant firm NBS to prepare a comprehensive sanitary sewer rate study, which included a model to evaluate the utility’s financial plan (revenue requirements) and provided recommendations for rates that would (while maintaining the revenue required to fund the City’s wastewater utility) adjust the cost allocation by user class (i.e. single family residential, commercial, etc.)  The proposed adjustment by user class is to ensure each class is paying a proportionate share of system costs, based on updates to the method of treating wastewater over the last four years.

The cost allocation adjustment recommended by the study will have a net effect of increasing average costs for some user classes and decreasing average costs for other user classes.  The calculation methodology behind these rates is included in the report from NBS that is linked below.

City's Current User Classes

Residential    Commercial 
Single-Family   Office/Retail 
Single-Family Condo    Laundry 
Duplex    All Other 
Triplex    Convalescent Hospital 
Quadplex     Auto/Service Station  
5+ Units    Restaurants
Mobile Home Park     Industrial 
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Estimating Your Sanitary Sewer Rate 

The following tables show how to estimate your new monthly bills based on the proposed rate adjustments based on your 2015-2016 winter water usage.    

Single Family Residential

Single Family Condo




For 5+ Units and Mobile Home Park - Please use the calculation below:

Current Monthly Water Bill = $2.82 + ($11.30*number of units) + ($3.02*water units used (ccf)) 
Estimated Monthly Water Bill under the proposed rates = $3.94 + ($12.88*number of units) + ($3.13*water units used (ccf))

If you have questions, or would like assistance with calculating current and proposed rates, please call (530) 757-5686 or email water@cityofdavis.org 


The City of Davis will hold a Public Hearing on June 20, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., in the City of Davis Community Chambers, 23 Russell Blvd., Davis, CA, to consider adopting the proposed sewer rates, resulting from changes to the cost allocation for its sanitary sewer service, in compliance with Proposition 218 requirements.  

Proposition 218 Mailer - Proposed Sewer Rate Adjustments 

The anticipated schedule of this process is as follows:

Action Date  Objective 
Proposition 218 – Notice Approval  April 18    City Council approves mailing of notice to customers  
Proposition 218 – Notice Mailed  May 5   Per Prop 218 process - notices must be mailed at least 45 days before the  hearing 
Council protest hearing  June 20  Protest hearing - Ordinance introduced 
Council action on rates  July 11   Ordinance adopted  
Rates become effective   October 1   Rates must be approved by City Council 60 days prior to their effective date 

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