Trackside Center

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Revised proposal submitted September 2016 for the Trackside Center project, a 4-story, 47,983 square-foot, mixed-use building with ground floor retail and parking and 27 apartment units on upper floors located at 901-919 3rd Street (Revised Project Narrative). 

Project Meetings

December 12, 2016. Historical Resources Management Commission (HRMC)
Meeting to review the Historical Resources Effect (HRE) Analysis Report and Addendum to the HRE on the revised project and provide input on the revised project's consistency with the Design Guidelines (HRMC Meeting Notice - 12/12/16). Staff report will be posted on the HRMC agenda webpage when it is available.

November 14, 2016. Historical Resources Management Commission (HRMC) - RESCHEDULED TO 12/12/16
HRMC Meeting Notice (11/14/16).

October 13, 2016. Bicycle, Transportation, Street Safety Commission (BTSSC)
Meeting to review transportation-related issues (BTSSC Meeting Notice).

October 13, 2016 Senior Commission.
Meeting to review for senior-related issues (Senior Commission Notice)

Revised Project Plans (September 2016)

Trackside Center 00 Cover Sheet
Trackside Center 01 Site Plan (10/31/16 updated) 
Trackside Center 02 Contextual Map
Trackside Center 03 Parking Exhibit
Trackside Center A1 Ground Floor Plan (10/31/16 updated)
Trackside Center A1-A9 Architectural Sheets (Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Unit Plans, Colors/Materials)
Trackside Center C01 Grading
Trackside Center C02 Utility
Trackside Center C03 Stormwater
Trackside Center L01 Landscape
Trackside Center L02 Planting 
Trackside Center L03 Street Perspectives

Exhibits and Visuals

Shadow Study - Proposed Building 
Shadow Study - Existing Buildings 

Setback Exhibit - Plan View
Setback Exhibit - East (Alley) Side 
Setback Exhibit - North Side 

Streetscape View from 3rd Street 
Streetview Visuals with and without trees 
Elevated Visuals with and without trees 
Building Height Comparison 

Alley  Plan View with Contra-Flow Lane 
Alley View from 3rd Street with Contra-Flow Lane
Optional Alley Configurations (10/07/16)


Arborist Report (January 2017)

Addendum to HRE Analysis (November 2016)
Historical Resources Effects (HRE) Analysis (revised September 2016) for the revised project
Historical Resources Analysis (HRA) Study (September 2015) for original project with HRMC findings

Supplemental Trip Generation Memo (January 12, 2017)
Traffic Impact and Parking Analysis (August 30, 2016)

Environmental Noise Assessment (September 20, 2016)
Geotechnical Investigation Report (unchanged)
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Report (unchanged)

Additional Materials

Public Outreach Summary 
Lease Information with UPRR
Sustainable Communities Strategy Consistency Worksheet 
Request for Parking Reduction
Planned Development Proposal Summary 

Link to Original Trackside Center (2015) project materials.