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City Council Goals 2016 - 2018

The City Council adopts Goals and Objectives to guide the City organization. The City Council periodically reviews and updates these goals.

City Council Goals 2016-2018

Following a retreat held in September 2016, the City Council adopted the following goals for 2016 - 2018:

  • Ensure Fiscal Resilience
  • Drive a Diverse and Resilient Economy
  • Pursue Environmental Sustainability
  • Build and Promote a Vibrant Downtown
  • Promote Community
  • Fund, Maintain and Improve Infrastructure
  • Ensure a Safe and Healthy Community
  • Foster Positive Workplace Dynamics

Each goal is accompanied by a set of guiding principles, and a list of tasks for the City organization to accomplish to work towards achieving each goal. The Goals and Objectives document (linked below) lists the status of the various tasks to be completed. Tasks may be revised, added, or removed as objectives are met or changed.

View the Goals and Objectives documents: