3820 Chiles Road Apartments

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The City has received an application for a new apartment proposal located at 3820 Chiles Road. It would consist of approximately 225 apartment units.

Project Meetings

Information will be provided about project-related meetings when they are scheduled. If you would like to be added to the electronic notification list, email Project Planner, Eric Lee at: elee@CityofDavis.org.

Environmental Review

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). The Draft EIR is available for a 45-day public comment period. See the Notice of Availability and the Draft EIR below for more details. A Planning Commission meeting to review the Draft EIR is scheduled for August 29, 2018. The Historic Resources Management Commission and the Bicycle, Transportation, and Street Safety Commission will also review the Draft EIR. 

Notice of Availability (NOA). A NOA of the Draft EIR for the 3820 Chiles Road Apartments Project for 45-day public comment period beginning on August 6, 2018 and ending on September 19, 2018. 

0_Cover Vol I
0_Inside Cover
0_Table of Contents 

2_Executive Summary
3_Project Description

4.0_Introduction to the Analysis
4.1_Air Quality
4.2_Cultural Resources
4.3_Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy
4.4_Hydrology and Water Quality
4.5_Land Use and Planning
4.7_Transportation and Circulation
4.8_Utilities and Service Systems 

5_Statutorily Required Sections
6_Alternatives Analysis
7_EIR Authors and Persons Consulted

Appendix A SACOG MTP-SCS Consistency Determination 
Appendix B 3820 Chiles Road NOP
Appendix C 3820 Chiles Initial Study
Appendix D 3820 Chiles Road NOP Comment Letters 

0_Cover_Vol II
Appendix E Health Risk Assessment 
Appendix F CalEEMod Outputs
Appendix G Historical Effects Analysis Study
Appendix H DPR 523 Continuation Sheets
Appendix I DPR 523 Primary Record and BSO Record
Appendix J Preliminary Utility Study
Appendix K Environmental Noise Assessment
Appendix L Traffic Impact Analysis

Notice of Preparation (NOP) with Initial Study. A NOP of a Draft Environmental Impact Report and Scoping Meeting was released on February 1, 2018. A public scoping meeting has been scheduled for February 22, 2018 beginning at 6:00 PM in the Community Room at the New Harmony Mutual Housing Community located at 3030 Cowell Boulevard, Davis.  

Applicant's Project Materials

Site Plan (December 2018) Updated
Planting Plan (December 2018)
Planting Plan List (December 2018) 
Parking Lot Shade Exhibit (December 2018)

Design Review Plan Set (May 2018) (18 MB)
Design Review Narrative (May 2018) 
Project Data Summary (May 2018)

Grading, Drainage, and Utility Exhibit (October 2018)
Stormwater Quality Exhibit (October 2018)

Project Description (December 2018)
Project Justification (July 2017)
Conceptual Site Plan A (Multifamily) (05/24/18)
Conceptual Site Plan B (Multifamily / Single Family) (01/05/18)
Connectivity Exhibit 
Chiles Road Widening Exhibit 

Arborist Report - Updated (November 2018) 
Tree Removal Exhibit
Updated (November 2018) 
Tree Memo (July 2018) 

EPS Site Evaluation Report 
Adaptive Re-Use Efforts Summary 
2015 DPR 523 Primary Record (by DHickman) 
Historic Resources Effects Analysis (October 2018 updated) 
Historic Resource Information